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Guangbo shows love for disaster area donating one million yuanranteed
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Because of the proposal "To private enterprises of the whole district on donating and relieving victims" released by district business association and district chamber of commerce, call on enterprises and entrepreneurs of the whole district to devote love and engage in earthquake relief work. Guangbo Group made an active response to this, donating one million yuan to Sichuan disaster area.

In the evening of May 12th, Wang Liping, President of Guangbo Group who was on broad, called the Group office, and decided the Group to donate 0.5 million yuan and stationeries worth 0.5 million yuan to disaster area. It was reported that there were over 600 employees from Sichuan working in Guangbo, among whom over 200 people in earthquake heavy disaster area. At present, there're still some employees can't get in touch with their family members. The company specially registerd various information of these employees as well as their family members, including address, telephone numbers and so on. By using of the company's office in Chengdu, it timely helped these employees to learn about resuce information, and made efforts to help them get in touch with their family members as soon as possible. Besides, the company also launched electronic information bulletin board in every workshop, appointed specific one to update disaster prevention and relief information every four hours, and sent out calamity questionnaire to the employees, letting those who have already contacted their family members register their own afflicted condition. The company will give diverse allowance from 800 yuan to 5000 yuan.

It is reported that in order ro provide convenience to private enterprises of the whole district as well as the individuals to donate money and materials, district business association, district chamber of commerce and district glorious cause promotion society specially set up disaster relief donation hotline and special account number. Donation hotline: 8752352487523529. Donation account number: Yinzhou subbranch of China Merchants574903335210903. Money collector: Ningbo Yinzhou glorious cause promotion society.


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