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Guangbo torch bearers pass on wisdom kindling sparkranteed
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At present, jointly held by Ningbo Yinzhou district party committee and Ningbo Yinzhou people’s government, the second Wang Yingling readers’ festival activity was opened grandly in Yinzhou culture and art center. Guangbo’s enterprise employee representatives were luckily chosen as the torch bearers of wisdom kindling spark, attended this bookcrossing passing, gladly brought the 250 sets of new books given by Yinzhou district committee to Guangbo, and with that put them on the new books bookshelves of Guangbo Book Center.

As the leading enterprise of national paper stationery, sticking to the fast and well strategic development, Guangbo formulated cultural strategy. Every year, the company input million yuan in employees’ culture construction, aiming to create and transmit a kind of wider and deeper enterprise culture, on the basis of culture industry with stationery as representative. Work hard and pursuit excellence, constantly mold Guangbo people’s unique wide vision and cultural spirit.

Through general design, Guangbo trademark interpreted the meaning of Guangbo and the essence of Bo, endowing with wide universe and vast feelings cultural idea. Organize various entertainment evening parties, basketball match, staff skill competition, calligraphy competition, solicit articles competition these colorful cultural activities, unfold and transmit fully on cultural carrier like Guangbo Vision and so on.

Human-oriented, pursuit excellence. Guangbo culture over 7000 Guangbo people’s spiritual soul is the classics of humanistic management of creating century Guangbo. Inherit the culture, create value. As the communicator of culture industry and professional manufacturer, Guangbo constantly lift the enterprise’s self-innovation ability and core competence, working hard to let Guangbo become the first brand of Chinese stationery field and the forerunner of world stationery brand, and becoming the leader of new multiple industry.

We believe, Guangbo culture must constantly promote Guangbo from extension to depth…

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