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Guangbo entered the candidate list of ten-best brandsranteed
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Recently, Yinzhou Daily readers right safeguarding, one of the 15th anniversary Yinzhou Daily resume publication readers’ festival serial activities, has been conducted comprehensively. It was reported that this activity gained most readers’ active participation and response. On the basis of its recommendation, audited by host units like Yinzhou Daily, Yinzhou consumer protection association, and so on, it has announced the twenty candidate list of ten-best brand in the readers’eyes of Yinzhou Daily. Through powerful strength, Guangbo entered the candidate list of ten-best brands.

Guangbo Group is a modern enterprise group integrating light industry stationery, new material electrons, investment and trade into one, having twenty whole-capital and holding subsidiaries, like three chinese and foreign co-partnership companies, three overseas companies and two hi-tech enterprises and so on. On January 10, 2007, Guangbo Stock (002103) was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the beginning of Guangbo capitalized operation.

Brand is Guangbo's strength of constant innovation, as well as the pass for Guangbo to the world.

Guangbo has always been devoting to the construction of brand Guangbo. It establishes the responsibility consciousness of “everyone is a brand” inside the company, deepening its products’ cultural elements in the aspects of development, quality, service and so on. Successively gained the honors like Chinese famous brand, Chinese well-known trademark, first paper stationery dealer of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China top ten stationery brand, and so on. As China’s export famous brand commodity in the department of commerce, Guangbo serial products have been exported to over 70 countries and regions. By naming Army Guangbo Women Basketball, it takes part in comperirive sports, transmitting Guangbo brand.

Entering the first twenty candidate list of ten-best brand in the readers’eyes of Yinzhou Daily is the full affirmation of Guangbo this brand by the readers. As the communicator of culture industry and professional manufacturer, Guangbo is actively strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between world-level enterprises, lifting the enterprise’s self-innovation ability and core competence, working hard to let Guangbo become the first brand of Chinese stationery field and the forerunner of world stationery brand, and becoming the leader of new multiple industry.


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