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Construct harmonious Guangbo with the form of cultureranteed
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At present, district committee and district government held a meeting to further promote culture district construction. Shou Yongnian, municipal party committee and secretary of district committee, Xue Weihai, deputy secretary of district committee and district head, Tang Jun, leader of the district, etc. attended this meeting. By the honor of advanced group in culture district construction, Guangbo was commended by Yinzhou district committee and district government.

At the meeting Shou Yongnian pointed out, culture as the soft strength of promoting scientific development, coagulant of constructing core value system, booster of improving national quality, main position of enriching people 's spiritual life, was becoming more and more important factor in promoting social progress. He emphasized, speeding up the culture district construction and promoting culture’s big development and prosperity, was a morale project related to people's personal interest, and an important way to realize Yinzhou’s development in a new round. Each department of the district should build jointly, strengthen resultant force, perfect policy, enlarge input, optimize the environment, collect talents, letting the vigor of all culture creation erupt competitively, letting the source of all culture creation spout fully, making new contribution for pushing the overall construction of modern and harmonious Yinzhou into a new stage.

Guangbo Group sticks to the quicker and better developing strategy, meanwhile formulates brand strategy, innovation strategy and culture strategy these three strategic system. The company not only molds a kind of culture industry with stationery as representative, but creates and propagates a wider and deeper culture industry. “Work hard and pursuit excellence”, constantly mold Guangbo people’s unique broad vision and cultural spirit.

Guangbo makes full use of all resources, imports every outstanding talents, greatly promotes the enterprise’s development. Corporate board use various forms to absorb talents, bring the talents into full play, provide guarantee for the company’s sustainable development on the aspect of talents reserve, fully embody the company’s human-oriented developing concept.

The company's immigrant workers, that is, the new Ningbo people. On one hand, every year the company input 2 million yuan give overall and free training to them on professional skills, on the other hand, pay attention to improve its cultural and moral competence. For example, through systemetic and professional training provided by the company, a direct labor of production line not only can speak fluent English, but his own comprehensive business quality has greatly been improved. Now he is on an important position of the company's trade department, has deeply rooted in Guangbo and set home in Ningbo. According to the statistics, through training, now about 500 people's educational level of the company has reached junior college or above. Meanwhile, for those disadvantaged groups in the society, Guangbo also provide them employment opportunities. Leaders of the company pay close attention to their work and living condition, exchange ideas with them now and then, and also give them subsidy of necessity for life, like rice, noodle, oil and so on. It is well worth mentioning that before the spring festival, when our country suffered the rare heavy snow, the company's party committee actively organized vast party members and cadres to fight for in the front line of the heavy snow with coordinated efforts. To ensure the company's immigrant workers can have a reunion year at home, the company spent a lot in chartering bus without considering big cost, prepared emergency goods for them on their way home, and sent 1500 immigrant workers home safely. Using the words of these new Ningbo people, "Guangbo is our home. Working in Guangbo, we choose right."

In the process of constantly create social value, Guangbo actively undertake the inevitable social missions as public enterprise. On one hand, strengthen enterprise responsibility construction, start sunlight grant project, input 1 million yuan in setting up rural children education development fund, assist in establishing hope primary school, care about rural and migrant workers' children, establish helping and supporting pairs, send gratuitous fund to the old people over 60 years, add facilities to the old in old folk's home. At present, Guangbo has donated 11.3 million yuan, participating in the construction of new rural with full passion and active attitude. On the other hand, strengthen culture industry development, set up learning-type enterprise, set up staff mutual saving fund, staff safeguarding rights center, staff training school, realize the co-growth between the staff and enterprise. All of these fully display Guangbo's excellent enterprise character.

As the communicator of culture industry and professional manufacturer, Guangbo is actively strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between world-level enterprises, lifting the enterprise’s self-innovation ability and core competence, working hard to let Guangbo become the first brand of Chinese stationery field and the forerunner of world stationery brand, and becoming the leader of new multiple industry.


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