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Stock company held the third meeting of the third directorateranteed
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On April 9, 2008, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co., LTD held the third meeting of the third directorate, which was presided by President Wang Liping. Nine directors of the company attended this meeting, and all supervisors and senior executives sat in this meeting.

At the meeting, President Wang Liping announced various issues of this meeting. After the full discussion between the directors, it passed sixteen  resolutions, like 2007 general manager working report, 2007 directorate working report (drafted), independent directors’ work report in 2007, commpany’s final account report in 2007, bill of daily correlated teansaction in 2008, summary report of accountant office engagement in company’s auditing work of the last year and bill of continuous engagement with accountant office and so on. Meanwhile, it also approved the bill on holding 2007 stockholder meeting. It decided to hold 2007 stockholder meeting at 9:00 A.M. of April 30, 2008.

Directors at the meeting showed, in 2007, the company made full use of the present formed resources advantage, by integrating the resources of listing influence, Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, Olympic franchising and so on, providing solid fundation for further development. In 2008, the company will actively take the good advantage of Olympic commercial opportunities and the implementation of investing project, overcome partical macroscopic unfavorable factors, firmly around the working policy center on raising effectiveness, actively carry out various work, keep the continuous growth of sales revenue, reduce various fares, realize the steady growth of net profit, laying solid fundation for realizing company’s developing strategy.


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