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Guangbo Olympic products are collected by Chinese Olympic Committeeranteed
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Mascots paster, D shape scratchpad, as well as classmates transcription, precious calendars of 2008 and 2009, and so on. Various products on mascots series, Guangbo paper products find their best stage——The 19 kinds of 2008 Beijing Olympic franchising products self-developed by Guangbo , which are collected by Chinese Olympic Committee, capital museum and Beijing archives.

Guangbo as a national paper products srationery leading enterprise, one of the main producing seller of China stationery manufacturing industry, has very high popularity at home and abroad. Through many fist attack in capital market and marketing market during these years, plus the consistent and excellent product quality and strong comprehensive strength of Guangbo brand, Guangbo's international popularity and product rollcall rate has been greatly lifted. On January 1, 2007, Guangbo Share002103 was officially listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and brought new opportunity for Guangbo's leap-forward development once again. What's more, by its strong strength, Guangbo Group won 2008 Beijing Olympic franchising enterprise, becoming the first national paper stationery franchising manufacturer.

Brand is Guangbo's constant innovative strength, as well as the pass of Guangbo on to the outside world. Innovation is the initial force of Guangbo's constant development, and the most core competitiveness of Guangbo brand globalization.

The year 2008 is Olympic economic year, as well as China brand year. Its stepping into the hall of capital museum and Beijing archives is the identification of Guangbo this famous brand, is fully affirmed of Guangbo constant innovation and leaping development, even means to Guangbo striding a solid step on the road of developing industry diversification and brand globalization. Through this window, Guangbo will unfold its higher reputation and wider influence, so as to provide a wider stage for Guangbo participaring in Olympics, creating enterprise brand, building enterprise image and showing oriental culture charm.

Providing more delicate and perfect products for 2008 Beijing Olympics as well as deeply significant oriental culture and serving the global people is Guangbo's unremitting pursuit. Guangbo's 19 kinds of Olympic museum pieces will add strong color to the civilization river of the Chinese history.

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