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President gave lectures on Guangbo’s “dual sales” moderanteed
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In order to go deep into study on the spirit of the 17th party congress, carry out scientific development view, implement two innovation strategy, recently, Ningbo municipal party committee and Ningbo government organized and expanded thematic seminar on learning to carry out he spirit of the 17th party congress and speeding up the construction of innovative city. As the successful representative of innovation and initiation in Ningbo, president Wang Liping was invited to attend this seminar and introduce Guangbo’s “dual sales” mode.

Started from a second-handed 01 printing machinein 1992, by constant innovation and development, Guangbo has developed into a modern enterprise group integrating light industry stationery, electronic of new materials, investment and trade into one. Now the company has 6500 employees, become the leading enterprise of national paper stationery, top 500 of Chinese non-governmental enterprises, and establish branch companies in Hongkong, Dubai in UAE and America, having national level hi-tech enterprise. In face of the aggravation of global economic integrative competiton, Guangbo actively seek dicersify and capitalized development. On January 10, 2007, Guangbo Share002103successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

During Guangbo 16 years’ sustainable development, the economic theory of “dual sales” has fully been carried out and implemented. Integrating its own developing situation, Guangbo has formulated low cost, differentiated competition and quick response these three implementing strategies and obtained extraordinary achievements, making Guangbo this brand market to the world.

Guangbo’s sustainable development is without the enterprise’s innovative management. As far as talents innovative management is concerned, on the one hand, Guangbo retaines many foreign managers and salesmen, realize talents’ internationalization and localization, so as to achieve the integration of Chinese culture and culture in different regions. On the other hand, in the incentive mode of shareholding and future stock, provide good platform for excellent talents to exert themselves to the most. As far as capital operation innovative management is concerned, full implementation of Guangbo’s investing project, after the industry upgrading, realize the goal of personnel downsized by 15% and capacity increased by 15%. Successfully acquisited European high-end album enterprise Netherlands HENZO’s production line. Further realized overseas rapid expansion planning. Through integrated industry chain, make full use of capital this favorable platform, realize the output of Guangbo brand, build up the integration of comprehensive stationery. 

Wang Liping said, “ Brand is Guangbo's constant innovative strength, as well as the pass of Guangbo on to the outside world. Innovation is the initial force of Guangbo's constant development, and the most core competitiveness of Guangbo brand globalization. Inherit the culture and create value. As the communicator of cultural industry and professional manufacturer, Guangbo actively strengthen the dialogue and coopetation with world-level enterprises, lift enterprise’s self-innovative ability and core copetitive ability, work hard to become the first brand in Chinese stationery area and the forerunner of world stationery brand, becoming the leader of new multi-industry.”


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