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Guangbo gained the title of Ningbo top ten printing enterpriseranteed
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Recently, Ningbo cultural broadcast tv press publishing bureau presented the awards like 2007 Ningbo top ten printing enterprise and 2007 Ningbo outstanding printing enterprise. Chai Ying, director of Ningbo cultural broadcast tv press publishing bureau, Shan Lie, vice director of provincial press publishing bureau, and Wang Guojun, head of provincial press publishing department attended this assessment and presented the awards to prize winning units by themselves. Among 4261 printing enterprises and business units, Guangbo Group won the honorary title of 2007 Ningbo top ten printing enterprise, by taking advantage of printing leading enterprise.

Guangbo is a modern enterprise group integrating light industry stationery, electronic of new materials, investment and trade into one. Started from a second-handed 08 printing machine, by continuously industry upgrade, Guangbo now has Gaobao, Heidelberg these 54 sets of four color, five color printing machines, as well as the most advanced computerized printing plate making CTP system in current international market, which can realize annual output about 1.5 billion per printing. Insisting on better and faster development, Guangbo formulated three strategic system, brand strategy, innovation strategy and culture strategy, successively gained Chinese famous brand, Chinese well-known trademark, first paper stationery franchising dealer of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Chinese export famous brand these honors, and held the title of Army Guangbo stationery women basketball. On January 10, 2007, Guangbo Share002103successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, declaring the beginning of its capital operation.

Guangbo make full use of caspital platform, forge ahead with the times, seek development through innovation, strengthen strong union between industries, combine with market demand, adjust partial industrial structure, have big prospect of developing producing market, novel product design, first-class books project with high degree of automatic production and high-grade paper products project. Meanwhile, Guangbo makes use of capital market and constructs marketing network at home and abroad. Import various excellent talents, specially retain foreigm employees, and create stationery high-end brand, on the basis of strengthening high-end product development and manufacturing.

From the very beginning of OEM to self-designed ODM, then to OBM with self-designed and self-owned brand, Guangbo continuously takes advantage of stationery industry cluster effect in Yangtze Delta, as well as the good platform Ningbo, the capital of Chinese stationery. In the mode of brand export and product outsourcing, make some stationery matching product enterprises including stapler and art designing knife become Guangbo’s partners. With Guangbo’s advanced management mode, achieve cooperative win-win and create Guangbo synthetic stationery first brand.

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