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Xia Baolong, deputy secretary of Zhejiang provincial party committee, came to Guangbo to investigate and guides
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On the afternoon of March 6, accompanied by Guo Zhengwei, deputy secretary of Ningbo municipal party committee, Shou Yongnian, standing member of municipal party committee and secretary of Yinzhou district, Xia Baolong, deputy secretary of Zhejiang provincial party committee, came to Guangbo Group to investigate and guide. Wang Liping, president of the Group, and general manager Wang Junping, received and accompanied them affectionately. Secretary Xia mainly investigated Guangbo Digital Technology Company.

After visited company’s sample room and digital workshop, Secretary Xia carefully inquired our employees’ welfare treatment, as well as things related, carefully listened to the working report given by President Wang Liping, and mainly pointed out that should aim at the future, scientific planning, increase the investment, concentrate on fundamental project that strengthen and benefit farming.

Guangbo’s sixteen years’ rapid development can’t be without the unselfish dedication of vast employees.

New Ningbo people, that is, immigrant workers of the company, every year the company spend 2 million yuan on overall and free training on the aspect of professional skill, on the other hand, pay attention to improve its culture and moral accomplishment. For example, through systematic and professional training provided by the company, a worker from the first production line not only can speak fluent English, but individual comprehensive qualities have greatly been enhanced. Now he is at the important post of the company’s foreign trade department, and has been deeply rooted in Guangbo and set home in Ningbo. According to the statistics, through training, about 500 people’s education level has reached above universities. Meanwhile, for weak group in the society and those who had records of bad behavior, Guangbo also can provides them the chance for employment. Leaders of the company have long been concerned in their working and living condition, exchang ideas with them instantly and give subsidy on some necessities like rice, noodle, oil and so on. One thing worth mentioning is that before the Spring Festival, when the South China encountered the rare heavy snow once in fifty years, party committee of the company actively organized vast party members and cadres to fight bravely with the snowstorm shoulder to shoulder in the front line. To ensure immigrant workers can have the New Year at home, the company didn’t hesitate to spent several times more than that in normal years on chartered car cost, and prepared emergency goods like foods for them on their way home, sending 1500 immigrant workers home safely. Taking the words of these new Ningbo people, “Guangbo is our home. Working in Guangbo is our right choice.”

In the process of creating social value, Guangbo actively undertakes the inevitable social mission of public enterprise. On one hand, strengthen enterprise responsibility construction, launch sunshine grant engineering, input one million in setting up fund for rural children’s educational development, assist in establishing hope primary school, care about students of rural and migrant laborers, organize helping and supporting pairs with poor villages, send gratuitous fund to the old over 60 years old, and add facilities for the old in the old folk’s home. At present, Guangbo has donated 11.3 million yuan, participating in new countryside constrction with replete passion and positive attitude. On the other hand, strengthen cultural industry development. Establish the learning enterprise, set up staff mutual saving fund, staff safeguarding rights center and staff training school, realize the common growth between employees and enterprise.

President Wang Liping said, “under the care and great support of goverments and leaders at all levels, in the big environment of global market economy, Guangbo will stick to innovation, learning, honesty and mission, as well as the developmental view of human-oriented, adhere to innovative development and harmonious development, striving for creating more value for the society.”

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