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The Netherlands technical commissioners go to Guangbo to have field trainingranteed
Release time:2008-03-05 Browse times:1484

At present, Netherlands HENZO BV company sends technical commissioners to deep into company’s high-grade album workshop. According to the cooperative agreement that has been reached by the company with HENZO BV company, technical commissioners of HENZO company will give about 20-days professional training to company’s production staff on the newly-imported equipments.

According to the agreement,the company purchases HENZO company’s  first-class equipments. From October 31, 2007 to December 31, 2010, HENZO company provides high-grade album orders worthing 30 million dollars to our company. This time, the systematic training of HENZO company’s technical commissioners is the formal beginning of both sides’ honeymoon, which is also the beginning of occupying European & American market by Guangbo stationery through cooperation.

On behalf of Frits Gösgens, technical commissioners go to the company. Putting on working wears, they come to the workshop, have a careful examination on installation and operation of the newly introduced equipments, guide and train technicians one to one. They introduce equipment’s  performance, operation mode, productive efficiency, etc. in detail, either by translating or by gesture. After several days, these five technical commissioners have become the best friends of many employees of the workshop. The cooperation between them is quite tacit, harmonious and natural.

It is reported that technicians of both sides are trying their best to cooperate, adjusting equipments to the best production working state as soon as possible. It is predicted that the first batch of high-grade new albums with made-in-Guangbo will be pushed into the global markets in early April.

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