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Army Guangbo held on the match pointranteed payday loan
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Yesterday, Sui Feifei who gained 16 points and four backboards went whole field.

Yesterday afternoon, host team Army Guangbo Stationery Women Basketball difficultly defeated Liaoning Women Basketball with the score 86 to 78, and gained the WCBA finals match point with the total score 2 to 0. If they win again on tomorrow’s match, they will sweep away Liaoning and gain the total champion with 3 to 0.

 “Compared with last match, defending and ball possession are not well controlled, so it has a rough time.”

 “Compared with last match which was in inordinate situation, in general this match we’re better.” Li Guangqi gave such evaluation after the match. As what he said, the victory of Army Guangbo as host team came harder than guest team. At the very beginning of the match, both sides blend together. Although the initial stage of section three Guangbo beat the opponent with the score of 14 to 2, pulling the deviation over ten points, the opponent immediately returned back with 14 to 2. Until at the last moment of section four, Wang Ling and Ji Xiao, two members of Liaoning team, were successively penaltied, Army Guangbo can successfully kept weak leading advantage till the finale.

For such change, Fan Bing thought that the team’s mentality was not so good. “Too eager to win the match, so give conservative beat.” The result of conservation is poor contest on ball possession. Last section, Army Guangbo won 18 backboards and yesterday lost 3 to the opponent, which made the team’s tactics on controlling the ball right was not successful. Meanwhile, fail to cut off the contact of opponents’ internal and external line in defending, which let Liaoning team give its habitual tactics coordination.

 “I’m gratified that young players can stand out. Multiple people play together that I always stick to eventually having results.”

Fu Chi outer area caught the ball. The opponents paid attention on Sui Feifei and Chen Nan these several main setters. Nobody came up to defend her, so she filed out a three-point ball. It was the first time for Fu Chi to gain points of this match, and the time was the last two minutes of section four. Later, she gained a three-point ball almost by using the similar way. Liaoning team’s trend of chasing points in the last moment was restrained by Fu Chi. Fu Chi gained eight points all together in this match, although 11 points less than the first match. But compared to add much points of last match, providing timely help of this critical moment weighted more. For her performance, her teammate Zhang Xiaoni praised highly, “I’m proud of our team, especially Fu Chi.” While Fan Bing was gratified, “young players can stand out. Multiple people play together that I always stick to eventually having results.” However, Fu Chi’s lack of experience is still a hidden trouble. At the beginning of section two, she fouled four times, limiting her performance time, which made Sui Feifei have to play whole field.

 “Both sides will have a full preparation for next match. Having meal should be eaten bite by bite, so do the battle.”

 “Sweep away Liaoning!” When the match ended, bastetball fans of home court began to shout in chorus. Holding on match point, Army Guangbo combat at home court as well. The situation is favorable to home team. So the topic of sweeping away is always mentioned by reporters at the press conference. However, head coaches of both sides don’t give much reaction to sweeping away. Li Guangqi shows that error at critical moment is urgently needed to be solved. “According to the strength of Army team, we control their points around 80. If we reduce our errors, we gain much chance.” Fan Bing shows that both sides will have a full preparation for next match. Having meal should be eaten bite by bite, so do the battle. When reporter asked him whether he needn’t go to Liaoning, Fan Bing asked back, “What will you say”. This season both Liaoning men and women basketball entered the final. Men basketball avoided being swept away, how about women basketball?

Reported by Guangbo Stationery special correspondent  Jiang Jibing  Qi Jing

From Southeast Business Daily


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