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Go, let’s sweep snow together
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These years, it snows heavily without stop, just like paving a thick layer of bat wool on Ningbo. The ground, buildings as well as trees of Guangbo Industrial Park are all covered with snow. For last night it snowed all night, now the snow above ground has reached five centimeter. In order to keep regular production and life order, the morning of February 2nd of the work day, leaders of the company organize employees of every department to the plant area to sweep snow.

You see, some of them hold shovels, some hold big brooms, some hold boards, bringing various sweeping snow tools. Everyone is busy with sweeping snow before the leaders speak. Look, some hold boards, pushing them with all strength. Some use shovels, stacking the snow in heaps. Some work with colleagues and sweep snow by using brooms. All of them work very hard, regardless of the flurrying snow. On the arterial road of the plant area, there is another even more flourishing scene. Everyone waves shovels and throw about brooms. Some people’s foreheads have sweat. The snow on them has become rainwater with the hot air given off by the body and wets their wadded jackets. Everyone experience rare snowscape and enjoy the happiness brought by working as well.


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