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Enterprise is just like their own homeranteed payday loan
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In Yinzhou District, over 300 migrant workers of Zhejiang Guangbo Group stayed in Ningbo to spend the New Year because of the frozen snow disaster and road resistance. The company not only provides with eating, stay, fun and tourism, but send big packets to everyone.    (shoot by Hu Jianhua, Wei Yuqi)

This newspaper’s reporter: Tang Biqin  correspondent: Wei Yuqi


On the morning of the first day of lunar New Year, when reporter walked into staff collective dormitory of Zhejiang Guangbo Group Co., Ltd., melodious music can be heard from the multifunctional hall from far away. A group of girls and boys sing loudly with high enthusiasm. In the yard of the dormitory, a spontaneous badminton megagame is warmly held. It’s very warm in the library room, and the young who like reading quietly read books and newspapers…

Although they don’t stay in their own hometowns, about thousand immigrant workers of Guangbo Group, who stay in Ningbo to spend the New Year, don’t feel lonely. Because the company has already prepared wonderful feast for them, like eating New Year Meal together, organizing ball games and singing competition, lottery-attached riddle guessing and intellectual questions and answers, batch splitting short-distance tourism…From the first day of lunar new year to the sixth day, every day has activities.

Among the young people who are singing, Jia Qisheng who is from Anhui Huaibei seems to be the most active one. Although he spent the whole night with his colleagues in the New Year eve, he still enjoys it. “Last night, the company let us watch CCTV Spring Festival Evening in the multifunctional hall. Then let us watch colorful fireworks. Next the canteen cooks carry reeky dumplings, letting us enjoy a delicious meal…” Jia Qisheng takes great delight in talking about the wonderful activities that organized by the company for immigrant workers. He’s also glad to take out tickets to the reporter. One is festival free meal ticket, from New Year eve to the third day of lunar new year. During these days, they can have free meals, and the standard of each meal is no less than 15 yuan. The other is free movie ticket. During the spring festival, everyone can go to Eanda international movie city to watch two movies, all of which are latest blockbusters.

While they’re talking, Wang Liping, President of the company, comes to greet New Year to the immigrant workers. Wang Liping tells to the reporter that in order to let immigrant workers safely arrive their home and let those stay in Ningbo have a happy new year, they make careful arrangement. First, on the premise of ensuring safety, trying many ways let those who want to have the new year in their own hometown go home. Before the spring festival, the company charters 21 buses to send immigrant workers home. Secondly, invite family members of immigrant workers to Ningbo, let them have a happy reunion in the second hometown. Thirdly, arrange the lives of those immigrant workers who have the new year in Ningbo, bringing them warmth.

 “Hello, everyone. Thanks for your contribution made for the company’s cevelopment. Wish you a happy and auspicious spring festival.” Said by Wang Liping while sending big packets to migrant workers. All of a sudden, the multifunctional hall is full of laughter.

from Ningbo Daily

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