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These days, workers of general service department of Guangbo Group are very busy. They go to textile city over ten times. You see, they have just purchased 1000 quilts. Without having time to drink hot water, they hurry to purchase instant noodles. Due to these days most of the regions in China have heavy snow and the expressway is sealed, many non-local employees can’t go home. The plan that Guangbo Group orriginally decided to send employees home on February 3 can’t been carried out smoothly. Leaders of the company pay much attention to this situation. They have held production and administration meeting for several times and urgently initiate emergency plan on Guangbo employees’ arrangement in Spring Festival. Measures include:

1. The general service department implement charter bus protocol with travel agency, ensure the timely arrangement of the buses after the road gets through, do well in insurance arrangement work, ensure safety and foods of the employees on their way home. Once the road gets through on February 3, it will depart immediately, under safe conditions.

2. Canteen department do well in on duty arrangement work during spring festival, enlarge the purchase of instant noodles, vegetables, meat and so on which can be frozen and stored easily, ensure lodging employees’ dining problem during spring festival.

3. Every plant and department do well in production coordination arrangement, for those employees who charter bus home, if the road is unblocked, they will arrange employees home to celebrate the new year with priority.

4. Every plant and department accomplish the ideological work, let employees prepare for two eventualities, do well in the resettlement work and safe education work for employees who won’t go home, arrange workers on duty and liaison staff, report to guard department.

5. Guard department strengthen safety inspection intensity and patrolling duty work, do well in the company and employees’ safety guard work.

6. The general service department trace weather change promptly. If the road gets through or actually some sections of the road are blocked, they will timely contact buses and organize employees to go home.

Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group, said: “We understand that employees are eager to go home. The company has reached agreement with travel agency. Start from February 3, if the road is unblocked, it will depart under safe conditions, guarantee employees to go home on time to have reunion. Due to the weather, part of the employees have to stay in Ningbo to celebrate the New Year. In order to let them have a good year in Ningbo as well, the company not only arrange dining and living problem, but arrange colorful activities like watching movies, Pingpong match, employee get-together, travelling and so on.


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