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Final approval of national spring ticket holder industry standardranteed
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On January 20, the national spring ticket holder industry standard approval conference was held in Ningbo Dongqian Lake. Chinese light industry federation, senior experts from national cultural and sports standardization center and representatives of mutiple stationery enterprises attended this conference, and gave the final approval on national spring ticket holder industry standard manuscript which was launched and drafted by Zhejiang Guangbo Group.

Spring ticket holder is the traditional cultural and educational office work. Due to spring ticket holder is inexpensive and fine in our country, it has gained rapid development in stationery and office field in recent years. Its usage rate has been greatly enhanced and its export volume has been increased year by year. However, at the same time, some enterprises’ test ways are quite backward. The phenomenon of regarding inferiot as superior in the market has showed the increasing tendency. If we don’t use standard to standardize and restrict, it must cause certain harmful effects.

By strong technical resources advantage, from June 2007, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co.,Ltd. started to investigate spring ticket holders in the market, mastered lots of quality status and product categories, and consulted related technical data and standard. Meanwhile, referring to the company’s internal control standard, guided by national cultural and sports articles standardization center, it actively takes the lead to revise spring ticket holder industry standard. The first draft of the standard was finished on September 2007 and at the end of September was submitted to the representatives of first national spring ticket holder industry standard drafting conference to discuss. According to the discussion results, the company revised and sent solicit opinion drafts of spring ticket holder to about ten manufacturing enterprises to consult opinions. Besides, it collected the products of main enterprise and gave index demonstration.

It is said that the spring ticket holder standard manuscript aiming at technological practical level of product’s all aspects like variety, style, production technology, equipment and process at present, put forward wide modifying range involving product dimension specification, material specification, special name and corrosion resistance characteristic and so on.

It was released by the person at the conference that spring ticket holder industry standard conference rounded off successfully. Experts of all enterprises formed as an auditing group. After carefully auditing discussion and revision, it formed spring ticket holder industry standard (a draft to be approved), which would be reported for Chinese light industry federation and PRC national development and the reform committee to examine and issue.


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