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Employees’ heart is the root of enterpriseranteed payday lo
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—— interview Wang Liping, the city NPC deputy


(reporter Deng Shaohua) “In the past, enterprise concerned most was its responsibility to society and consumer, paying little attention to its reponsibility to employees. However, today more and more enterprises realize its reponsibility to employees.” Wang Liping, city NPC deputy and president of Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd. says, putting employees at the first place and being reponsibility to them is an entrepreneur must do firstly.

People often say, the hearts of employees is the root of enterprise. In Wang Liping’s view, only being responsible to employees can let them loyally and heartily put into work. And only with such employees, the enterprise can product first-class products, provide first-class service, thus gain more development. Since its establishment in 1992 till now, Guangbo Group has become a diversified enterprise group integrating with office supplies, printing paper products, plastic products, metal nanometer materials, digital products and export-import trade. It has about 6000 employees, with the total assets of 1.5 billion yuan. Last year, Group realized sales volume of 2.7 billion yuan.

Wang Liping says, the drive for an enterprise’s rapid development comes from the sense of responsibility to the employees, from human orientated talent idea, regarding employees as the enterprise’s first capital. Gaungbo Group never consider the talents from static angle, nor using the employee when he comes and discard him after the usage, but putting culturing talents of learning type and creating humanistic harmony as the emphasis in enterprise’s development. In 2002, it established staff school inside the enterprise, mainly training Guangbo’s unique humanistic culture. The company gave systemetic and professional operation skill training to special type of work and equipment operators, and gradually formed the learning atmosphere of the old led the new and the advanced led the less advanced. Established library inside the enterprise, stocked professional books on technology and skills for employees to read during free time. Especially contacted with some training companies, gave technique instructive training to workers of special type of work and equipment operation post, making about 540 employees gain qualification certificate and greatly reduced the accident rates of thousand equipments. The company set up green mail box and employee safeguarding rights center. The company often organize culture activities like basketball match, tug-of-war, mid-autumn party, tea party in the new years eve, spring festival party. And periodically organize patriotism education, speech contest, solicit articles contest, kola OK match, etc. On May 10, 2002, Guangbo Group established staff mutual aid reserve fund for the aim of friendship, mutual aid, helping the poor, relieving difficulty and helping to deal with an emergency. Till now, the funds that has donated and used in welfare has reached over 650,000 yuan.

“Always letting employees feel enterprise is the platform of their home, school and cause.” Wang Liping says, when employees feel deeply that enterprise is sincerely responsible for their work, life and future, they will mentally exchange with that of enterprise , voluntarily be loyal to enterprise and dedicated to enterprise. Employees are loyal and enterprise develops, which has more ability to return to society. Wang Liping introduces, since 1992, Guangbo has put over 8 million yuan in helping poor students, poor family and social welfare.


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