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Welcome the CPC’s 86th anniversary Guangbo review the oath of joining partyranteed
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“I volunteer to join the Communist Party of China, acclamate the party’s programme, abide by party’s statutes, perform party members’ obligations……” Under the Liangnong revolutionary martyrs monument, a solemn joining party oath sound could be heard. Bright party flag reflected the serious faces. Over 70 party members with different ages immersed themselves wholly in the solemn joining party oath. This is one of the serial activities on commemorate the CPC’s 86th anniversary held by Guangbo Group party committee, with the theme of welcoming the fifteenth birthday, party members post dedication.

To commemorate the CPC’s 86th anniversary, welcome the 15th anniversary of Guangbo Group’s establishment, the Group party committee deciede to carry out serial activities on commemorating the CPC’s 86th anniversary with the theme of welcoming the fifteenth birthday, party members post dedication, among each party branch of Group party committee and vast party members. This activity of all party members reviewing the oath of joining party divulsed the prologue of this serial activities.

It is known that carrying out party construction serial activity on commemorating the CPC’s 86th anniversary, party committee of the Group will stand on industry and post characteristics, grasp the key points, give prominence to subject, vary in forms, get effective results, guide vast party members to keep the progressiveness of Communist Party, and the spirit of daring to strike forward and compete for first, providing powerful organizational guarantee for Guangbo’s quicker and better development and overall promote group company’s development.

The content of the activity mainly includes: carry out further education for party members on Deng Xiaoping theory, three represents important thoughts, scientific development view, construct socialist harmonious society, etc. Carry out practical activity with the theme of post dedication, starting from reality of its own department and post, carrying out the activities like party members dedication project, party member dedication week, party member dedication day and so on. Carry out excellent party members commendation and publicity activities. Develop party branch’s party construction work and the training of secretary and person in charge of the party branch, promoting party branch of basic level to actively play its role. Carry out activities like bringing warmth, relieving anxiety, doing actual deeds, caring about party members’ production, life and working condition, actively doing actual and good deeds for the mass.


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