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The successful listing of Guangbo Stock (002103)on January 10ranteed
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On January 10, Guangbo Stock formally went public transaction in Shenzhen Exchange, with stock code 002103, becoming the first national listed paper products stationery enterprise, which is also a new member of Ningbo plate. At 9:30 A.M., Guangbo Stock opens at 11.6 yuan per share, and end with 11.15 yuan, increased by 68.94% comparing to the issue price of 6.6 yuan, successfully realizing listing.

It is known that Guangbo Stock now is the leading enterprise among national paper paroducts stationery enterprises, having nine holding subsidiaries, seven of which are domestic holding subsidiaries and the rest two are overseas holding subsidiaries. At present, it almost engages in the production and sales of stationery supplies mainly on paper products stationery. Its main products include volumes, albums, color printing package, office supplies and gifts these five series. The annual printing ability has reached 1.3 billion printing time at present. Last year, Guangbo Stock not only became 2008 Beijing Olympic Games first franchising dealer of paper products stationery. Guangbo trademark was cognized as well-known trademark by trademark bureau of national business administration bureau.

In the half year of last year, the sales achievements of Guangbo Stock showed strong growth tendency, increased by 26.48% comparing to the half year sales income in 2005. Among which, the sales income of self-produced products had been increased by 39.34% comparing to the half year sales income in 2005.

As the indispensable consumer goods industry in people’s daily cultural life, stationery industry has gained rapid development, with the improving of people’s material and culture levels in recent years.

The total demands of national stationery market have made breakthrough of 300 billion yuan and increased with the speed of over 10% in recent years. At present, the total demand of international stationery market is about 90 billion dollars, with the annual average increasing speed of over 4%. Paper products stationery as the important component of stationery industry, is related to people’s daily study and life, with great market demands and strong sustainable purchasing power. With economic development and the improvement of people’s living standard, part of the consumers haven’t only satisfied with the products’ core function, but pay more attention to the products’ additional functions and value. In recent years’ development, paper stationery products show the market demand trend of high-grade and personalization.

“At present, in International, STAPLESOFFICE DEPOT and OFFICEMAX these three stationery enterprises have become world top 500, with the annual sales volume over 14 billion dollars. Besides, five stationery enterprises enter the list of American top 500.” Wang Liping, President of Guangbo Stock, says, “Compared with foreign enterprises, there is still big gap for Chinese stationery enterprises. Paper stationery enterprises of present scale are about 344, among them only over ten enterprises have the sales income over billion yuan. This let me see its prospect, that is, stationery cake also can be made big enough.”

According to the prospectus, after the issuance and raising funds, Guangbo Stock will invest 167.66 million yuan in high-grade paper stationery supplies project, 118.71 million yuan in top-quality books printing project based on digital printing technology, 32.9395 million yuan in global marketing network construction project.


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