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——New Year’s congratulation on the 15th year development of Guangbo Group

When we welcome the 15th year of Guangbo Group innovative development, look back to the past, long and tortuous, confirming the footprint of the joint efforts made by all Guangbo people. Here I’d like to show sincere gratitude to all social sectors on behalf of Guangbo Group. Give New Year’s congratulation to all employees.

Looking back to the past fourteen years, from the color printing package started in 1992 to receive the first foreign trade order in 1993. Carry out shareholding system transformation in 1994. In 1996 register Guangbo trademark and begin brand development. In 1997, set up branch in Hongkong and start to move into Southeast Asia market. In 1998, obtain the qualification of private import and export and begin to infiltrate the global market. In 1999, speed up the infiltration in African market and set up branch in Dubai. In 2000, import nanometer metal equipment and talents with international leading level and set foot in hi-tech industry. In 2002, set foot in digital products and stride to new multi-polarization pattern. In 2005, march into real estate, strengthen technology innovation. The company develops towards technology and brand.

The year 2006 is a milestone in Guangbo developing history. The company has made abundant achievements in brand and innovative type development. Not only realize the successful listing of Guangbo Stock, but successively gained multiple honors, like Chinese well-known trademark, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games first paper stationery dealer, Chinese stationery top ten brand, Chinese most popular stationery brand, hi-tech enterprise of provincial level, leading enterprise of 2006 Chinese stationery manufacturing industry, Zhejiang manufacturing top hundred enterprise, 2006 Ningbo top hundred enterprise, etc.

In 2006, we set up Guangbo research institute stationery developing center, increasing the technology content of traditional stationery products. In 2006, Guangbo digital cooperated with Zhejiang University electronic research institute, self-developed 6 mega-pixel autofocus and three times optical zoom digital camera lens. Meanwhile, in 2006, digital company developed many new products, including digital camera, DV, etc. In 2006, Guangbo nanometer self-developed two-row placed classifier, perfecting the classification treatment effect on 400 nanometer this product specification. In 2006, Guangbo real estate development open the building in summer day, with delightful sales achievements.

In the development of an enterprise, brand and innovation is the key to success. Lao Zi said that the highest realm of management is beneficial and costing little. Modern enterprise development should stride to cultural management. In the new year, we must continuously strengthen the inside management, making various work go to the tracks of standardization, scientization and institutionalization, promoting work by management and promoting benefits by management. In the new year, we will take advantage of listing, enlarge and strengthen product development. With environmental products as the focal point of development, further expanding and strengthening traditional stationery industry. Deepen the reform constantly, strengthen management, flexible mechanism, enhance benefits, letting the company develop faster and better.

At last, in the New Year, wish colleagues of the society and all employees happy new year.


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