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Select Guangbo Group’s ten new matters of the year 2006ranteed
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Candidates list:

1. On Februry 8, 21 types of Guangbo digital camera in possession of freedom property right hold grand road show in American Orlando International Meeting Center after the one in Dubai.

2. On March 10, the formal break ground ceremony of Guangbo Sunlight Garden project invested and constructed by Guangbo Group is held under the grand and ardent atmosphere, which marked Guangbo’s diversified development when entering real estate.

3. On April 8, at the doorway of Hangzhou Xixi digital port, Guangbo Digital Technology Co., Ltd makes propaganda of newly listed four types of digital cameras. Guangbo Digital starts the all-round popularization and marketing of the domestic markets.

4. On June 3, 2006 Zhejiang Business Congress is held in Zhejiang People’s Hall. At the congress, President Wang Liping awards 2006 Zhejiang Business Innovation Prize.

5. On June 6, by excellent sales income in 2005, Guangbo Group has its name on the list of 2006 Zhejiang manufacturing industry top 100 enterprises.

6. On Jnue 8, the research and development project of 6 mega-pixel autofocus and three times optical zoom digital camera lens is signed by Guangbo Group and Zhejiang University optical engineering institute. The development of this product will fill the domestic vacancy in technical products.

7. On June 22, CPC Zhejiang Guangbo Group Company Committee is established. Appoint Liu Beiyan, Zheng Haixia and Fan Bin of Army Guangbo Women Basketball as ideological work instructors of Guangbo Group party committee.

8. On July 1, Zhejiang Guangbo Group and the 29th Olympic Games Organizing Committee sign Beijing 2008 Olympic franchising production contract. Gaungbo becomes the 29th Olympic Games franchising dealer.

9. On July 31, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co, Ltd. is evaluated as 2005 national foreign trade quality and benefit mode advanced enterprise, special prize of 2005 national foreign trade quality and benefit mode advanced enterprise.

10. On September 14, Zhejiang Guangbo Group is evaluated as Chinese top ten stationery brand of the year 2006-2009 by Chinese culture, education and atheletics commodity association.

11. On September 25, leaders of Yinzhou District visit the construction site of Guangbo International Trade Center. Guangbo International Trade Center is the first step to successfully enter the commercial business building made by Guangbo Estate Company, situated in urban central area, with the height of 28 floors.

12. On September 29, Guangbo Group invites over 200 stationery distribution elites all over the nation to gather together, showing about 40 types of new products of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Guangbo Stationery.

13. On October 11, Shawn Auler, vice president of American Staple Company supply chain management, Steve, vice president of supply chain management technology, these four vice presidents visit Guangbo sample room, production workshops of offset printing, digital, sharpener, etc.

14. On October 12, Guangbo brand is identified as Chinese well-known trademark by PRC national business administration bureau.

15. On October 12, the industry standard on album and name card, with Guangbo Group as the main drafting unit, approved by Chinese light industry federation and then by national development and the reform committee, begins to implement on May 1, 2007.

16. On December 14, Stock Supervision and Administration Council of China authorizes Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co, Ltd. of initial public offerings.

17. On December 20, Wang Liping, President of Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co, Ltd., is evaluated as 2006 top ten famous Ningbo businessmen and gains the best independent innovation prize.

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