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Strong lateral linkage construction Realize industry cooperative developmentranteed
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On January 12, Guangbo Group held 2007 economic working conference in Shaoxing. The company’s senior leaders of the board of directors and hundred cadres at middle level attended this conference. Reviewing the great achievements gained in 2006, the attendees put forward new targets for the year of 2007, which is full of challenge.

Retrospect in 2006

The year 2006 is a year of excellent achievements in the aspects of brand buliding, technology innovation and so on. It not only realized the successful listing of Guangbo Stock, but gained multiple honors successively, like Chinese well-known trademark, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games the first national paper products stationery dealer, Chinese stationery top ten brands, Chinese most popular stationery brand, hi-tech enterprise of provincial level, leading enterprise of 2006 Chinese stationery manufacturing industry, Zhejiang manufacturing top hundred enterprises, 2006 Ningbo hundred enterprise, etc. 

Main points on retrospect in 2006

1. The listing work

On December 1, 2006, the 68th meeting of issuance auditing committee of China securities regulatory commission approved Guangbo Stock A share IPO, becoming the first enlisted paper products stationery enterprise in China. After December 15, Guangbo organized anti road show activity and carried out road show recommendation in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing. On January 10, 2007, Guangbo Stock formerly went public transaction in Shenzhen Exchange, with the stock code 002103.The first day’s closing price is 11.15 yuan, increased by 68.94% compared with the issuing price of 6.6 yuan per share, successfully realizing listing.

2. Well-known trade

On November of 2006, Guangbo brand was cognized as Chinese well-known trademark by national business administration bureau, becoming the 11th Chinese well-known trademark acquired by administrative lawsuit in Ningbo. This was the direction of brand orientation and scientific development devoted by the company for a long time. It was another great achievement after the starting of brand project and innovation project.

3. Olympic items

In September of 2006, it formally started Olympic items. Several kinds of products have got the approval from Beijing Olympic Games Organizaing Committee, among the hundred products which were designed and developed successively. Over 30 kinds of designing products is actively declaring. At present, it has signed purchase and sales agreement with many retail shops, including Olympic Beijing urban and rural trade company, Hongkong New World department store, and go on techno-logical stage. Olympic products will create a huge market worth millions of dollars for Guangbo. It not only brings abundant benefits to Guangbo, but a huge span in cultural transmission and brand strategy implementation.

Prospect for 2007

The working thoughts of 2007 are robustly, practically, rapidly and coordinately building group company in an all-round way. The main strategic target is: Consolidate Guangbo brand-building, deepen traditional stationery industry, enhance nanometer profit space, enlarge digital production sale scale, strengthen the development of house property, effectively operate securities platform, accelerate the development of enterprise. Integrate current superior resources, implement lateral linkage construction, sturdy groundwork of diversified development strategy of Group.

Extend coastal construction, boost the development of core industry, innovate thoughts to develop new products, increase new growing point for foreign trade, reduce cost and strengthen cooperation, enlarge production and ensure quality.

In 2006, Group has successfully realized the A-share listed in China according to the plan. After listed, we should make full use of rasing funds to deeply develop traditional industry. Invest capital into the construction of new production line of traditional core industry. The construction of key planning of Yinzhou Binghai new factory industrial area with 143 mu in 2007, including technology transformation and upgrade of traditional industry printing equipments, extension of production line of traditional albums and

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