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Tea party of non-local employees dazzles allranteed payday
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Although it’s cold, people’s hearts are warm. On January 27, with the joy of festival, under the elaborate organizing of the Group’s trade union, the annual tea party of non-local employees is held as scheduled. Zhu Guozhang, deputy secretary of party committee, managers of all plants and over hundred representatives of non-local employees attend this party.

The scene of the party is decorated with lanterns and streamers, full of festive and auspicious atmosphere. With the sounding of beautiful melody by Zhang Qingqing from digital company, the party starts.

With the resounding melody, company leaders award prizes to non-local employees who made outstanding contribution in their own posts. Secretary Zhu encourages all employees to work hard in 2007, making greater achievements. Meanwhile, he also encourages emploees to put forward opinions and suggestions.

Secretary Zhu’s speech brings along employees’ emotion. All actively give their own suggestions on company and leaders. Employees’ dormitory whether can strengthen management. Literary activities whether can hold more. Traffic safety consciousness of the factory section whether can strengthen? In the party, they speak their minds freely. The atmosphere is very active.

Then comes the lottery. Everyone subconsciously holds the lottery ticket tightly, fixing on the honored guest. The announcing of every number pushes the party into climax.

Of course, one thing worthy to be mentioned is the balloon tramping. Male contestants play their gentleman style, not only protect the female parterners, but protect the ballons on the feet. They’re really so busy. The employees show their own strength, chasing the ballons, regardless of gender and age. Althouth some of them are clumsy, the whole scene is lively, letting the audience throw into convulsions. It’s worth of pointing out that under such activity, employees can relax themselves and the relationship between them becomes more haimonious.

However, happy time is always so shor. We cherish the same youth and the same passion. Making appointment in this brilliant evening. Tonight, we praise tomorrow with our songs, pray future with our dance, welcoming more beautiful year of 2007.


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