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Create harmonious, develop new Guangboranteed payday loan
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On Februry 14, on the scene of 2007 New Year party, fire red big lanterns can be seen on the shelves on the stage, which forms a red ocean. The ardent and harmonious atmosphere let people have the strong feeling of New Year.

Commendation conference award advanced staff

On the afternoon of February 14, over 5000 employees gather together and attend the grand gathering that belongs to them. Leaders of border of directors attend this meeting and President Wang Liping makes an important speech at the meeting.

President Wang Liping shows, in 2006, company firmly around the following strategic targets put forward at the very beginning of the year. That is, put fine management and brand operation as the core, make traditional stationery industry strong and fine. By the means of capital operation, realize traditional industry to be listed in China. Meanwhile, with the tie of equity, implement control over every industry, integrate its overwhelming resources, quickly make the company bigger and stronger and create Guangbo’s century-old cause. The company has made rapid development. For the above mentioned achievements, on behalf of company’s party committee, President shows esteem to vast employees from front line, managing staff from company incorporated abroad and domestic market department, as well as the dedicated ones, and shows the festival compliment.

Meanwhile, the company issues certificates of honor to advanced collective and advanced individuals who made great contribution in 2006, awards their excellent deeds, encourage them to continuously dedicate themselves to Guangbo’s long-term development during next year.

Artistic performance  self-designed and self-acted with unique flavor

With the melody sounds, actors from construction subplant came to the stage. The main actor gave a surprising show, immediately gained the applause from the audience. Under the employees’ acclamation, the wonderful literature and art show began.

After the song ended, when audience were still immersed in the beautiful dancing, two unknown workers came to the stage. The audience were wondering whether they went the wrong way. They began to introduce themselves, “Happy New Year. We’re from stationery subplant. Today we’re going to give a performance, telling a story to you. Long time ago, there was an animal kingdom…” Before the audience realized what was happening, the bleating came from the stage. In fact, they brought vocal imitation performance to us. They imitated the sounds of animals were so lively that audience all laughed. Wonderful programs came one after another. The good show given by printing subplant made the whole forum become a happy ocean all at once, pushing the party to another climax.

To see who has better luck in a lottery

After the wonderful literary and artistic shows, the long awaited lottery finally begins. Every employee on the scene involuntarily holds the admission ticket tightly in hand, nervously looking at the honored guest on the stage to give lucky draw, all expecting to be lucky in 2007.

Cell phones, washing machines, brand-new e-bikes, digital DV on the stage have been taken away by the lucky ones. Audience focus their eyes on the little lottery tickets in the hands of the honored guest. By looking more at that, they hope that it will bring them good luck. When the last lucky number is announced, the special-class award of this lottery, a laptop computer is carried away by an employee from the plant. The party reaches a new climax once again. Under such happy musical sound, 2007 Guangbo Group New Year party has also placed a satisfactory full-stop.


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