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Guangbo Group holds 2007 domestic sales working conferenceranteed
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Spring is the best time of the year. On February 26, the second working day of the new year, Guangbo Group held 2007 Guangbo Group domestic sales working conference in New Venus Hotel. Leaders of board of directors and managers from Shenyang, Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, etc. attended this conference.

In 2006, by the means of national dealers congress and national route show of business invitation, the company has gradually opened the domestic markets, setting up 120 Guangbo stationery dealers in national cities of all levels, so as to lay a good foundation for 2007 domestic sales work’s further development.

At the conference, President Wang Liping points out, “In 2007, by the opportunity of listing, the company will make full use of the raising fund to expand the scale of stationery industry. Taking advantage of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, depending on production scale superiority, brand superiority, talents superiority, capital chain guarantee superiority, industry integration development superiority and excellent management team, make the stationery industry fine and strong.”

Domestic sales work needs the support of production system. In 2007, by importing international talents, company will gradually form a designing team on students’ stationery guided by korean designers and further strengthen product development. By perfecting stationery R&D center of Guangbo research institute, increase the science and technology contents of traditional stationery products and speed up product renewal. By making full use of raising fund, deeply develop traditional industry. Put capital into the construction of new production line of traditional core industry. The construction of key planning of Yinzhou Binghai new factory industrial area with 143 mu in 2007, including technology transformation and upgrade of traditional industry printing equipments, extension of production line of traditional albums and investment on other new projects, strive to finish the investment project planning within one or two years, propeling the development of stationery industry to a new high point..


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