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Guangbo Group actively deploy 2007 foreign trade workranteed
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On Feburary 9, Zhejiang Guangbo Group 2007 foreign trade work is held as scheduled. Company senior leaders and the staff of foreign trade department attend this meeting, which is hosted by Wang Jianjun, manager of foreign trade department of digital company.

In 2006, although company was affected by disadvantageous factors like RMB appreciation, Amrican antidumping aiming at paper products stationery, etc., company’s innovation project and brand project was fruitful, and foreign trade work obtained delightful achievements.

In 2006, the company further adjusted export products structure, making the exports of gift stationery increase greatly. It also explored markets, keeping inhere market shares of all continents, actively exploring African market, and Middle East market shares being increased quickly. In the aspect of clients tracking service, by filing arrangement of important clients’ information, the company strengthened tracking service of important clients and provided them with VIP service, which made 2006 Guangbo foreign trade work obtained tremendous development.

In 2007, company’s foreign trade work will further explore markets and exert the advantage of Guangbo stock listing, grasp opportunity, overcome difficulty and create achievements again. In order to realize this target, President Wang Liping in the meeting shows that the company will do well as follows:

1. Innovate thought and develop new products, increase new growth point for foreign trade

Further integrate resources, continue improving foreign trade sales volume with stress on American market, optimizing the composition of personnel, increasing input on Canton Fair, International Exhibition, etc., creating opportunity for various shows, continuously open up more new clients in different countries and regions on the basis of old clients, establishing good relationship with old and new clients, striving to have new breakthrough on foreign trade marketing.

2. Face the impact on rate change

At first, shorten contract term and increase signing on short-term contract. Company should sign short-term contract as possible. When contract pricing, add the element of RMB appreciation, and plus additional provisions of rate exchange in the contract as possible. Secondly, flexibly use various clearing forms in international trade, such as adopting financial products like RMB forward exchange facilities to avoid foreign exchange risk.

3. Increase profit point, further perfect export system

Further promote the company to strengthen the management, speed up the advancement of technology and created-brands certification, strengthen management system and export standardization system construction, constantly lift products quality and grade, as well as international competitiveness. Guide and adjust management strategy and trade structure, develop new products, explore new markets, develop overseas processing, avoid trade barriers and reduce trade risks.

4. Increase market orientation

Further increase analysis and study on international market. According to the characteristics of company’s products, study on capacity of entering international market, change and requirement of accession standards. Organize company’s key products and specialty products to attend various sales exhibition activities at home and abroad, in order to better use both international and domestic resources and markets.


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