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Strengthen the cultivation of brand project official ceremony of Guangbo well-known trademarkrantee
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On the afternoon of March 2, the official ceremony of Chinese well-known trademark and strategic work on promoting brand internationalization is held in provincial People’s Hall. Jin Deshui, vice governor of Zhejiang province, together with other leaders attend this ceremony.

For a long time, Guangbo Group has always been devoting to the developing trend of brand-building and technicalization. Since the starting of brand project and innovation project in 2004, Guangbo Group has lots of happy news, successively obtaining many honors, like 2008 Beijing Olympic Games first national paper products franchising manufacturer, Chinese stationery top ten brand, key supporting and developing brand commodities of national foreign trade agency and ministry of commerce, Chinese most popular stationery brand, hi-tech enterprise of provincial level.

Guangbo Group actively cultivates Guangbo brand’s influence in the global market. It registered Guangbo trademark in over 30 countries and regions of the globe, set up two marketing company in the U.S. and Hongkong, has nearly 20 general agencies or authorized exclusive distributors in the area of Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East and so on. It also has a very stable cooperation with global stationery suppliers like world top 500 enterprises STAPLES, Disney, etc. by reducing its own price to 3-5%, Guangbo self-owned brand reaches over 35% among the stationery products worthy nearly 8000 yuan which are exported to over 70 countries and regions in the globe at present.

In overseas, Guangbo’s products like albums, volumes and so on have a good public praise. However, Guangbo not just satisfies with this. Just after the 2007 Spring Festival, people of Zhejiang Guangbo Group start to be busy with the grand global road show on new products. The destination of this year’s road show is in Europe. It is anticipated that hundred old and new clients allover the Europe will come round to visit. Guangbo will prepare many new products to knock the door of European market.

Wang Liping, President of Guangbo Group, shows that brand project is a systematic project. By means of Army Guangbo Women Basketball, declaring Chinese brand, etc. Guangbo will make efforts to create Guangbo brand to be the propagator of cultural industry and professional manufacturer.


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