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Guangbo: road show in Europe
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The 2007 Spring Festival has just passed, Zhejiang Guangbo Group, a stationery commodity enterprise situated in Ningbo, starts to be busy with grand European road show of new products. In this year’s road show, besides the traditional export products like albums and volumes, Guangbo also prepares new products with relatively high gold content such like the top-quality books to strive for orders.

Road show is a vogue word given by Guangbo which means to give professional exhibition of products and brand by going abroad. Due to the need of lots of capital and energy input, at present except for Haier, Lenovo, ect, these big enterprises, few domestic enterprises get involved. However, last year Guangbo gave the road show in Dubai and American Orlando. This year’s European road show is a larger scale. At that time, hundred new and old clients of European countries will come round to see.

Guangbo has a very strict requirement on the new products of this road show. Because they show Guangbo’s strength in designing and developing, which also forebode the main direction on export. In Guangbo products exhibition hall, reporters see partial new products that awaiting to exhibit, including novel high grade gift albums, beautiful and handy digital cameras and DV, fancy printed children books as well. A set of dinosaur series children books is very marvelous. When turn over a book and push it, small animals of the pictures will start to talk. When you pull over a book, stereo dinosaur skeleton image will jump out. Another book is that it can change colors.  Insert a piece of sketch dinosaur paper into the book, all of a sudden, it turns to be colorful.

It is said that last year an American enterprise wanted to print such kind of books and found many domestic factories, either the designing wasn’t good or the printing quality didn’t reach the standard. At last, this enterprise found Guangbo. Related person in charge of Guangbo told the author that this set of books had especially high requirements on color and printing quality. While Guangbo had just imported a set of color management software, which can analyze parameters like ink thickness, paper sheet and so on. By adjusting the state of printing equipment, let different machines print the same kind of products. Guangbo also masters soybean inks printing technology, which will be OK even children eat this environmental inks unconsciously. Besides, four foreign designers work for Guangbo for years. Such comprehensive strength let American enterprise finally chose Guangbo. At present, the first batch order products worthy 500,000 dollars are under production.

While Guangbo gains a lot from the production of children intelligent books. Exporting an album used to be 5 to 20 dollars of retail price by foreign dealers. While the retail price of a children intelligent book of the domestic market can reach 80 to 200 dollars. With the enhancing of retail price, enterprise’s profit space is greatly increasing. What’s more, such kind of products has market space of billions of dollars in Europe and America.

Wang Liping, president of Guangbo Group, shows that with the enhancing of technology and designing ability, Guangbo will have strength to strive for more orders on top-quality books. Especially on January 10 of this year, Guangbo Group core enterprise Guangbo stock has been successfully listed. Guangbo will make use of raising funds to increase the investment on top-quality books project. In 2008, the export proportion of top-quality books will be enhanced to over 40%, comparing to about 2% of the total volume at present.

(from Zhejiang Daily on March 7, 2007)


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