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Let’s support his life togetherranteed payday loan
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Recently, Zheng linqiao, an employee of warehouse matching group, has had no appetite all day and no mood to work. After inquiry, it was known that his son Zheng Jianjiang was diagnosed as acute lymphoblastic leukemia early this year. This came so sudden that this unfortunate family almost fell into despair.

The child is named Zheng Jianjiang, only 13. He is a student in Grade 5 in Fengjia primary school. His mother is an employee of younger company. It should be a happy family, but continuously bear sudden big changes and strike. Father Zheng Linqiao used to have a serious disease when he was young, and had used up all the savings. After recovery, he worked in Guangbo during these years and life began to turn to be better. They used to think that happy life will be coming soon, however, fate makes a joke with them again. Facing 500,000 to 600,000 yuan high medical expense, they can do nothing. Now they accompany their child all day and all night, regardless of their jobs. However, the increasing cost makes them find it hard to cope with. They have borrowed money from all relatives and friends, but is still far from the first sum of hospitalizing expenses which is urgently needed at present, that is, over 300,000 yuan. Seeing the child’s keen eye, their hearts break.

When leaders of Guangbo Group heard that, they immediately organize beneficent solicit contribution activity inside the company, hoping to solve their problem as soon as earlier. When a disaster strikes, all people around will help. To save little Jianjiang, employees give their aids successively. Although they’re thrift in the daily life, facing their fellow worker’s misfortune, they enthusiastically participate and make generous donations spontaneously.

The most touching affair is the care from disabled employees of the company. Although they’re disabled themselves, hearing of little Jianjiang’s condition, they still unhesitatingly give out their collected money and drop that into the donation box. At that time, something unusual is emerging in our hearts. Yes, that is emotionally moved, but also is admiration.

An employee from album plant says, “I’m also a mother. Now I’m out for work and leave my child at home. If the child catches cold, I will worry about him for a long time, not to mention the child with such disease. How sad his parents are. We can understand that. Although the money we donate isn’t much, we really hope we can help them to some extent.”

Actually, helping employees in difficulty is the long-term fine tradition of Guangbo Group. Five years ago, in Guangbo industrial park such a big collective, an organization called staff mutual saving fund was set up. From then on, it represents mutual assistance. The symbol of saving love has roots inside the vast employees of Guangbo Group. Since 1992, Guangbo Group has donated over 7 million yuan to help poor students, poor family and social welfare. Especially in recent three years, Guangbo Group not only invests over 4 million yuan establishing Guangbo scholarship and contributes to schools for migrant laborers’ children, but donates and cares about social welfare and educational cause by going far away to the impoverished villages.


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