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Zhejiang Guangbo Group Co.,Ltd. held the second temporary shareholders’ conference in 2007ranteed
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On the afternoon of December 18, 2007, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Co.,Ltd. held the second temporary shareholders’ conference in 2007 in Guangbo technology park as scheduled. The company’s presidents, supervisors, senior executives, the representatives of sponsor firms and witness lawyers attended this conference, which was hosted by President Wang Liping.

At the conference, first of all, President Wang Liping reviewed briefly on the development of Stock Company in 2007. He showed that the year 2007 was a year of great significance on the development history of Guangbo Group Co.,Ltd. With the joint effort of all employees, the company develops orderly according to the goal made at the very beginning of the year. The construction on innivation project and brand project advocated by the company was fruitful. All the work has obtained the unprecedented achievement. It has made great progress in the aspects of modern management, informatization engineering and human resources, etc. Over one year, the Stock Company has made full use of resource advantage formed at present, laying a solid foundation for the further development, by integrating the resources of listing influence, Chinese well-known trademark, Chinese famous brand, Olympic honor, etc.

Later, by accumulative voting, the conference elected Wang Liping, Zhang Feimeng, Wu Youguang, Wang Junping, Hu Zhiming, Dai Guoping as the directors of the third board of directors, Hu Qichang, Li Ruoshan, Mei Zhicheng as the independent directors of the third board of directors, jointly formed the third board of directors of the company. It elected Zhu Guozhang, He Haiming as the supervisor of shareholder’s representative of the third board of directors, and formed the third supervisory board with Zhang Tao, the supervisor elected by the company’s workers’ congress.

Besides, the conference reviewed and passed three bills, the bill on continuously using part of idle recruitment capital to supplement floating capital, Zhejiang Guangbo Group Co.,Ltd. internal control system of security investment and the bill on modifying company’s articles. The conference ended under harmonious and ardent atmosphere.

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