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Guangbo devotes the love ----- loving care project to help three thousand disabled peopleranteed
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This morning, the company received loving care certificate of honor and a heavy letter sent by Zhejiang the disabled federation and Zhejiang foundation for disabled people. This is Guangbo’s another caring and warmth action, after its investment on setting up Guangbo rural children education development benevolent fund.

This year is a very important year in implementing the eleventh five-year development plan of Zhejiang the disabled cause. In order to realize the object that make the coherent development of Zhejiang the disabled cause and Zhejiang economic society, and continuously take the lead, which is put forward by the party committee and the provincial government, Zhejiang the disabled federation and Zhejiang foundation for disabled people jointly carry out the public benefit activity of three 1000 loving care project to help the disabled, with the main content of subsidizing poor disability rehabilitation. That is, help 1000 poor disabled people assemble rehabilitation aids, help 1000 poor cataract patients implement sight restoration operation, and help 1000 poor disabled children accept specific and effective rehabilitation training.

Helping the weak and the disabled is the traditional virtue of Chinese people. After knowing this, Guangbo actively participates and gives love oriented donation, feedbacking to society of its support and love to Guangbo Group. Meanwhile, Guangbo hopes that more enterprise and people in the society will take part in this loving care and helping the disabled public benefit activity which brings benefits to millions of poor disabled families of Zhejiang province, making it become the sunlight cause with more vigor and humanistic concern, making a contribution to construct rich, civilized and harmonious loving care Zhejiang together.


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