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Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co.,Ltd. holds the third workers’ congress.ranteed
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On December 8, Guangbo Group holds the first meeting in third workers’ congress of Zhejiang Guangbo Group Stock Co.,Ltd. in the digital multifunctional hall on the second floor, which is chaired by Zhu Guozhang, chairman of the company’s trade union.

At the meeting, first of all, Zhu Guozhang, chairman of trade union, gives the working report on the second workers’ congress working committee. In the report, he points out that Guangbo has always taken employees as the first capital of the company and put doing real jobs for workers as the company’s basic work. From the aspects of establishing mutual saving fund, setting up green mailbox, launching staff school, carrying out confabulation meeting, building employee dormitory with high standard, the company puts the aim of serving the employees with all hearts into effect. Meanwhile, he also shows that Guangbo’s development needs the joint efforts of vast employees. The new workers’ representatives should under the guidance of the party’s scientific development concept, take a foothold on their own jobs, make contribution, participate in reform, offer advice, believing by people’s joint efforts, Guangbo will enter a new step in 2008.

Later, according to the regulation of Company’s Constitution, holds the supervisory board’s election. Voted by the whole staff and workers’ representatives, Comrade Zhang Tao is elected as supervisor of the third supervisory board, assuming the place since the end day of the company’s second temporary shareholders meeting in 2007, a term of three years.


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