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Guangbo products win honorary title of Chinese package brand productsranteed
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On April 19, 2006 world package congress holds the ceremony in the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The theme of this congress is science and technology, environmental protection, cooperation and development. Over one hundred members of world package organization from 25 countries and regions, and over five hundred national representatives attend this congress. On behalf of the central government, Zeng Peiyan, member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee and vice-premier attends the congress.

Vice-premier Zeng Peiyan makes an important speech on the congress. He points out, China develops package industry. At fist, make efforts to improve package quality and benefit. Secondly, vigorously develop green packaging. The third is to increase the package’s contents of science and technology. The forth is to perfect package industry operation mechanism. Vice-premier Zeng Peiyan also points out that China implements mutual benefits and mutual-win opening-up policy, encourages Chinese and foreign package enterprises to develop trade, supports the construction of Asia package center. Hope Chinese package federation, international package congress council, and intermediary organization of other package enterprises to better play the link role between enterprises and government, making new contribution to sustainable development of human society.

Shi Wanpeng, standing committee member of CPPCC and chairman of Chinese package federation, makes a speech on Chinese package industry development strategy in the opening ceremony. He summarizes the condition of Chinese package development and expounds the thought on the future development of Chinese package industry. “Enhance independent innovation ability and improve industrial technology level. Speed up to advance package industrial structure adjustment and realize modern industrialization enterprise operation mode. Adapt to the need of constructing recycling economy and vigorously develop green package industry. Perfect package regulation system and bring package industry comprehensively to the law construction orbit. Speed up to cultivate high-tech talents and bring up to develop main force of package industry.” To promote its advantages and eliminate its disadvantages, maintain and promote the positive trend of world package industry.

Meanwhile, this congress gives honor to over hundred excellent package enterprises. Guangbo albums produced by Guangbo Group win the honorary title of Chinese package brand products.


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