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Wonderful focus on Guangbo Goup’s 99th Canton Fairranteed p
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Focus on Canton Fair

Known as the Chinese first exhibition, Canton Fair with its full name of Chinese Export Commodities Fair, set up in 1957 Spring. Every year, in the season of Spring and Fall, it is held in Guangzhou, till now it has the history of about forty years. It is the comprehensive international trade grand gathering with longest-history, highest-level, largest-scale, the richest commodity diversification, most clients and best results of sealing a bargain. After 49 years’ development, Canton Fair has become the most credible trade promoting brand in eyes of merchants at home and abroad. Every Canton Fair will attract over 10,000 excellent Chinese enterprises and clients of over 200 countries and regions in the whole world.

The trade mode of Canton Fair is flexible and varied. Besides the traditional looking at the samples to seal a bargain, it also holds online trade fair. Canton Fair is centered on exports, also does the import. It also can carry out various forms of economic technical cooperation and communication, as well as business activities like commodity inspection, insurance, transportation, advertisement, consultation, etc. Clients of all over the world gather together in Guangzhou, interconnecting business and strengthening friendship.

In China, attending exhibition to seek business opportunity is the consensus of numerous suppliers. Most of them put attending the Canton Fair as the first choice. In the world, more and more people of business and trade circle turn their eyes to China, focusing on high quality products and enterprises. The history of Canton Fair is not the developing history of an exhibition. It records political, economic and cultural communication between China and the world as well. In the global economy era, convenient transportation brings us close.

Focus one: curtain wine fair   Ningbo is the host

On the evening of April 14, in Guangzhou Garden Hotel, the wine fair of Canton Fair opening ceremony with the theme of We Ningbo is held. One-hour’s wonderful show and 14 courses delicious food give trading representatives throughout the provinces and cities and over 300 buyers of international level lasting memory.

This Canton Fair opening ceremony and wine fair is hosted by Ningbo People’s Government, and jointly sponsored by Ningbo’s famous enterprises including Guangbo Group. This is the first opening ceremony hosted by vice-provincial cities in China. This We Ningbo consists of oriental grand harbor, brand metropolis and well-known commercial trade cities these three parts, giving Ningbo local opera and a table of Ningbo’s special banquet. The showing part is given by actors from Ningbo Art Troupe, and special banquet is served by chefs from Nanyuan Hotel. In this wine fair, every feast is named after the well-known bands in our city like Guangbo, Younger, Beifa, West Morgan, etc. It also popularizes 50 Ningbo export brands to overseas honored guests. Many famous entrepreneurs of our city attend this fair, like Wang Liping, President of Guangbo Group, Xu Yuejun, general manager of West Morgan Electrical Corporation, Qiu Zhiming, president of Beifa Group, Xu Jianguang, president of Oulin Company, Zhou Jule, president of Zhongji Company, etc.

In the opening ceremony, Mao Guanglie, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and Ningbo mayor, gives the speech, kindly inviting domestic and overseas clients to develop in Ningbo. Representatives of 50 domestic trades and representatives of purchasers from over 20 countries and regions attend this Canton Fair opening ceremony and wine fair. Mao Guanglie, deputy secretary of municipal party committee and Ningbo mayor, represents Ningbo municipal party committee and city government to show a rousing welcome to people who attend this wine fair.

Guangbo Group is invited to be one of the cooperation unit of this Canton Fair opening ceremony and wine fair, attending this grand reception celebration of the opening ceremony. With the identity of organizing unit, it assists well with Ningbo city government to run well this wine fair, and makes active contribution on establishing contemporary Ningbo enterprise image and molding Ningbo enterprise brand. Meanwhile, it’s the good opportunity for Guangbo to enhance self-popularity, expand foreign propaganda and further create Guangbo brand.

Focus two: wonderful digital demonstration

This Canton Fair starts from April 15 and ends on April 30, and is held in two stages. From April 15 to 20, Guangbo digital technology Co., Ltd. attends the first stage exhibition with six days in Guangzhou Sezhou international exhibition hall. Guangbo digital technology Co., Ltd as the numbered domestic professional digital products manufacturing enterprise integrating with independent developing, self production and self sales, its

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