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Senior editors of Harvard Business Review magazine visit Guangbo for researchranteed
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On May 15, Sarah Cliffejulia Kirby Anand P .Raman, senior editors of American Harvard Business Review magazine, as well as Prefessor Ying Zhiwen from management school of Fudan University visit Guangbo for research.

“Facing the overall situation of global economic integration, Guangbo Group, as the private enterprise, how to take use of its advantages and takes a place in the international market?” The moment they sit down, several senior editors of Harvard Business Review exhale such doubt and exclamation. After hearing the brief introduction of the company by assistant to president Lin Xiaofan, they have a whole understanding of the company. Later, Anand P .Raman asks: “Guangbo has various businesses, but its development speed is very surprising. Guangbo how to accomplish that?” President Wang Liping answers this question in detail, and he says, “Guangbo’s development is closely related to the interrelation of every links, especially the perfection of information channel has greatly promoted Guangbo Group to develop overall advantage. As early as in 1998, we has applied ERP management system to company’s warehouse and financial management system. Not only established information center, but especially retained professional engineers to develop ERP management system suitable for Guangbo, combined with Guangbo’s industrial properties. For these years’ continuous improvement, now Guangbo has realized effective overall arrangement on every aspect of its finance, warehouse, production distribution, etc. which continuously improve its overall management level.”

Listening to all aspects of ERP management applied to Guangbo Group given by President Wang Liping, several senior editors frequently nodded to show agreement. “Now the clients’ requests on product quality become higher and higher, and labour force price is rising. Guangbo is how to find a balance point in development.” Editor Anand P .Raman puts forward another focus in Guangbo’s development, “Yes, this actually is the current situation we’re facing at present. But we’re hardly seeking the equilibrium point between market and production cost, through expanding market space, enhancing design level, reinforcing the cooperative advantage of team management, exploiting the markets with relatively lower quality requirement, making different prices according to different clients.” Meanwhile, combined with actual operation case, President Wang Liping puts forward his original view.

Later, they have a deep discussion with President Wang Liping on brand construction, Guangbo enterprise culture and how to explore European and American markets in future, etc.


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