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On the morning of June 12, like clients in the past several days, representative from American AUL Company goes to Guangbo industrial park without stop when he leaves the exhibition center. He not only carefully visits the company’s sample room, but goes to the production workshop inspect. When he sees the production workshop of Guangbo Group in such a good order, this foreign client immediately signs foreign trade order worthy over one million dollars with Guangbo Group. According to the accompanies person from Guangbo Group, this client is another one with huge sum of order during the Zhejiang negotiation conference.

“If Guangbo Group wants to create brand, it naturally will not let this good opportunity pass. Now, attending Zhejiang negotiation conference becomes our company’s compulsory course, and we were never absent in the past eight years. It not only wins many orders for the company, but becomes an important window to show the image of company to the outside. Last year, we gains lots of orders during Zhejiang negotiation conference. Besides, those contact us to give orders through Zhejiang negotiation conference are innumerable. So this year we pay extra attention to Zhejiang negotiation conference, and increase the booth from last year’s four to six of this year. As invest more, the return for us is correspondingly more. We receive 5.6 million dollars order all together.” The person in charge of this fair tells the reporter.

Blue is the dominant color of various kinds of fairs of Guangbo Group. It always insists this for so many years, as if blue becomes their brand color. The enterprise spirit “wide world, broad feelings” that Guangbo especially owned becomes more obvious. The exquisite and bright albums with Guangbo brand on the booth attract the eyes of every client. The latest digital products produced by Guangbo digital company are respected by the buyers. The whole exhibition stand is elaborately designed by the employees, not the general image package, but layout of every product. It’s so beautiful!” An English client can’t help raising his thumb, after carefully look at every exhibits of Guangbo.

What’s more, the large house property advertisement becomes another bright spot of this Guangbo show. After knowing the news that at present Guangbo has marched towards real estate industry, many clients very admire such diversify development of Guangbo.


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