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On June 14, leaders of Jiangshan city come to Guangbo visit and guide, accompanied by leaders of Yinzhou district.

Leaders of Jiangshan city visit the company’s sample room and library. President Wang Liping introduces to the delegation on Guangbo Group’s development course and its future development strategy. He exchanges the enterprise development experience with members of visiting group. After hearing the introduction, the delegation show admiration on Guangbo’s development condition.




On June 14, Han Changfu, standing deputy director of research office of the state council, comes to Guangbo Group investigate, accompanied by leaders of Yinzhou district.

Han Changfu visits Guangbo Group sample room, watches the company’s image vedio and listens to the report given by President Wang Liping on enterprise products production and marketing. President Wang Liping introduces Guangbo Group in detail on how to strengthen enterprise’s independent developing ability, gaining initial opportunity in the competition. Han Changfu fully confirms the rapid development of Guangbo Group and encourages it to speed up, become stronger and be the big enterprise. Later, Han Changfu goes to digital production workshop to inspect.


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