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The beneficent fund of Guangbo party committee launchedranteed
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On the morning of June 27, the primary school students of Shuguang School in Yunlong town accidentally receive the presents prepared by Guangbo Group, after they finished the examination.

In order to let the students of the school for migrant laborers’ children have a happy summer vocation, and don’t have to worry about next term’s stationery, party committee of Guangbo Group designedly choose at the end of this semester to give them the stationeries worthy about 10000 yuan, including exercise books of the subjects of Chinese, math, etc.

Seeing so many stationeries, the children are really very happy. Without the calling from the teachers, parts of the students initiatively carry the stationeries to the classroom, “Can we hand them out now, teacher?” Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, Secretary Zhu Guozhang opens a case of the stationery at once and hands them out.

With over ten exercise books and several albums, a student whose parents are from Anhui shouts happily, “I needn’t buy exercise books next semester.” Some carders of high grade kindly serve other classmates, carrying cases of stationeries to the classroom and hand them out to the classmates.

Zhu Guozhang, deputy secretary of Guangbo Group party committee, when interviewed by the reporter, shows: “Carrying and supporting poor students is what our enterprise should do to return to the society. Our company’s party committee was just launched, and meanwhile sets up beneficent funds. This capital is especially used to help poor students and those from schools for migrant laborers’ children. Yunlong Haishu School is the first stop of beneficent funds. We will continue to support the educational cause in furture.”


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