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Brand long march goes into Ningboranteed payday loan
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On July 3, with the joyous sound, the motorcade organized by department of commerce on brand long march and eastern open brand march arrives in Ningbo, and holds city brand square activity in Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition center. Fu Ziying, assistant minister of department of commerce, makes a speech.

This activity lists Ningbo as eastern important city, which has 11 Chinese well-known trademarks, 35 Chinese famous brands, 20 national key export brands. Zhang Jinkang, deputy director of Ningbo NPC, Li Xiuli, vice chairman of CPPCC, Yu Danhua , vice secretary of city government and other city leaders visit the booths of over 30 brand enterprises like Guangbo, Younger, Veken, Oxis, Waxwing, Huayu, Great Wall, Fouda, etc.

Create self-owned brand and go brand development road, which has been the development target of Guangbo Group. In 2005, Guangbo Group invests millions yuan in the crown name of Army Women Basketball Team, having a systematic and all-round transmission of the property of Guangbo, creating Guangbo brand by the way of sports marketing. By attending this brand long march activity, Guangbo not only hopes to show Guangbo brand image through this platform, but learn advanced theory and innovative measures from the counterparts through this opportunity, promoting Guangbo brand go to the world.

On the booth, multiple digital cameras with self-development, self-production and self-sales by Guangbo Group attract wide attention from all parties. After visiting Guangbo exhibition hall, leader of commerce department fully confirms the property and appearance of the digital cameras produced by Guangbo Group at spot, and gives an ardent expectation on the further exploration of Guangbo in the area of science and technology brand.


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