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Guangbo Group wins 2006 Zhejiang business convention innovation prizeranteed
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The annual grand gathering of Zhejiang business----2006 Zhejiang business convention and Zhejiang business forum, the first Zhejiang business investment fair is held on the beautiful lakeside of the Westlake in June. Having the prestige of chinese first businessman group, Zhejiang business convention is held to the whole world for the first time.

It is said that the first Zhejiang business convention is held on the basis of the successfully holding of the previous two annual Zhejiang business forum. In order to carry out the provincial government’s notice on further strengthen domestic introduction work, which is clearly stated that every year holds Zhejiang business convention, combining with the annual Zhejiang business forum, annual conference of the association (chanber of commerce) and regurgitation feeding home activity, making it the grand gathering to organize and guide Zhejiang businessman abroad. Zhejiang provincial government economic technology cooperation office, Zhejiang commerce and industry federation, Zhejiang daily newspaper group, Zhejiang broadcasting and TV groups, Zhejiang private enterprise association, together with Zhejiang business journal press, Qianjiang evening newspaper and Zhejiang economy TV hold this grand gathering.

On the theme of innovation, cooperation and development, the convention further carries forward Zhejiang spirit which advances with time, contacts and unites Zhejiang businessman, guides and promotes Zhejiang business becoming the model of independent innovation, scientific development and harmonious development in a wider scope and higher level, promotes the quicker, better, continuous and linked development of Zhejiang economy and the economy of its people.

Zhejiang business convention----handshaking with innovation

On the morning of June 3, 2006 Zhejiang business convention is held in the people’s great hall of Zhejiang province. There’re many stars in the opening ceremony. About 5000 Zhejiang businessmen inside and outside Zhejiang province, leaders from 11 cities and regions of the whole province, leaders of 24 cities of the whole nation who have come from afar, presidents of the national 23 Zhejiang enterprises association, as well as people from political circles and academic circles attend this grand gathering. Secretary of CCP Zhejiang party committee and director of provincial standing committee of people’s congress, Xi Jinping attends the convention and makes a speech. He emphasizes, under the new situation, Zhejiang businessmen should establish the scientific development view firmly, continuously promote the spirit of advancing with the times, be the practitioner of scientific development, constructor of harmonious society, forerunner of reform and innovation and the excellent constructor of the socialist course with Chinese character, making great efforts to realize new leap of Zhejiang private enterprise and faster and better development of Zhejiang. Other related government officials, experts and scholars and thousands famous Zhejiang businessmen discuss Zhejiang business and the future development of Zhejiang private economy together.

The three-hour lasting convention is carried out aroud the theme of innovation, cooperation and development, that is, with the main clue of innovation, with the aim of cooperation, promoting Zhejiang economy developing in a higher level, promoting the innovation, transformation and improving of Zhejiang business. Innovation becomes the main rhythm of this convention. The convention issues 2006 Zhejiang business innovation prize, 2006 Zhejiang business social responsibility prize, 2006 returning home investment model Zhejiang businessmen these prizes, with 20 seats occupied by Zhejiang business innovation prize. Besides, it chooses about 10 Zhejiang business innovation prizes outside of Zhejiang province. Cuangbo Group wins 2006 Zhejiang business innovation prize. President Wang Liping attends the awards ceremony by himself and takes photos with leaders like secretary Xi Jinping and hundred prize winning Zhejiang businessmen.

Representatives of prize winning Zhejiang businessmen, president of silvertie investment Shen Guojun, president of Jili Group Li Shufu and president of Wahaha Group Zong Qinghou and chairman of Beijing Zhejiang enterprise chamber of commerce, author of global bestseller the blue sea strategy, professor of European institute of business administration W.Qian. Jin, those famous Zhejiang businessmen and experts and scholars make an excellent speech on enterprise innovation.

The Zhejiang businessmen show that this is a rarely grand gathering. It not only affirms the achievements of excellent entrepreneurs in the aspect of enterprise development, especially in the innovation aspect, but provides the opportunity of mutual communication and cooperation for Zhejiang businessmen, who promote self cognition and development during communication.

Private enterprise forum---exchange with innovation

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