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Harmonious mutual benefit association of non-local employees of Guangbo Group sets upranteed
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On December 1, harmonious mutual benefit association of non-local employees of Guangbo Group sets up, as well as their club. Since Guangbo employees mutual saving fund has set up for five years, this is another mutual aid organization by Guangbo Group to care about non-local employees.

People always say that employees’ hearts are the root of the enterprise. In the view of Guangbo people, only showing responsibility to employees can make them work faithfully and passionately. And only having such kind of wmployees, enterprise can produce first-grade products and provide first-class service, then gains more development.

As one of the largest stationery manufacturers, Guangbo Group has about 6500 employees. Over 75% of them are non-local ones from over 20 provinces, cities and municipalities in China. How to let the vast non-local employees feel warmth in Guangbo, Guangbo Group did a lot of things. It not only sets up green mailbox and employee safeguarding rights center, often organizes employees to exchange confidences, basketball match, tug-of-war, mid-autumn party, tea party on New Year’s Eve, spring festival these kinds of activities, but organizes excellent non-local employees to go outing, patriotism education, speech contest, solicit essays competition, Karaoke match and so on, which greatly rich the free life of non-local employees.

Just at day-ahead, Guangbo Group actively responses to the call of Ningbo city committee and city government, signa new labor contracts with all non-local employees. From January 1 of next year, new staff can enjoy five kinds of insurance, that is, injury insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and maternity insurance. Letting the developing theory of making progress together with enterprise, developing together with Ningbo’s development really has the approval and acclamation in Guangbo.


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