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“Cheer for Army, Guangbo Olympic Star” Selection all Contestants Sshow Talents in the Preliminary Contest
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On the afternoon of December 1, the preliminary contest of “Cheer for Army, Guangbo Olympic Star” selection activity is held in the instinct charging pub. After activities of question answering Olympic knowledge and basketball knowledge, talents show and so on, over 20 contestants are out of competition and reach the final.

All together there’re over 40 contestants participating in the preliminary contest. Most contestants are from colleges, and the ones who have already got jobs. While the oldest one is 67 years old. During the election activity, the contestants all show their best, especially in the talents show activity, like singing, dancing, telling jokes and performing short plays. The talents show of the first promotional basketball fan is cheering. He leads other contestants to shout “come on”. Because he is passional and with strong appeal, the judges allow him to the next round. With contestants’ excellent show, election activity raises climax again and again. Those who reach the final are all very happy, while those who fail care nothing for, “ elimination doesn’t matter, and participation matters.” All contestants receives the exquisite Olympic commemorate albums from Guangbo company.

This activity is given by Guangbo Group jointly with Ningbo evening newspaper and Lanhun cheer team, which is making potential for the WCBA new match season. It is said that player star of Army Women Basketball will show in the final of election activity. The time of the final match hasn’t detemined. Those who have entered the final please advert to the report of this newspaper.

67-year-old woman participates

In the yesterday’s election scene, among a group of young people, an old lady especially attracts attention. She is called Wang Juti and is 67 years old. When it’s her turn to be on the stage, the contestants cheer up for her, “come on, aunt.” On the stage, receiving the mike from compere’s hand, Wang Juti talks in Ningbo dialect, “I love sports from very young and often participate the city’s sports contest, and wins prizes sometimes. Now my son, daughter and granddaughter all love sports, often take part in the sports and often win prizes.” She says that she used to play basketball and took part in the competition. When the compere asks her in which position, with the height of 1.50 meter, she answers quickly “basketball center”, which arouses the laugh of the audience.

Considering her age, the compere especially chooses a comparatively simple question for her when questioning. “In the last Olympic Games, Chinese women basketball is in which place?” Without considering, she replies “No. 1.” Although her answer is wrong, it brings blessing for Chinese women basketball in Beijing Olympic Games.

In the talents show activity, she sings a song with Ningbo dialect. Although this song is unknown to the young people nowadays and many people can’t understand her Ningbo dialect, her gradely courage and full passion infects all the audience. After she finishes, before the judges giving scores, audience shout together “Pass! Pass!” At last, she successfully enters the final.

“Dragon head”, “basketball king” show talents

Yesterday, when a contestant called Shi Tengchuan comes on the stage, the audience shout together :” Dragon head! Dragon head!” When asked, he is known as the head of Wanli University dragon dancing team and is on the key position of dragon head. Limited by conditions, dragon head can’t give his performance. But his singing is quite good as well.

Another contestant is called “Wanli basketball king” by his classmates, and his basketball level is quite good. However, yesterday his promotion didn’t develop smoothly. At first, two of the three judges didn’t let him pass. Later, he palyed basketball and used his basketball skill to conquer the judges, and he succeeded.

Yesterday, the talents show of many contestants are quite good. Zhang Xiaoqin is the best ten singer on campus. Wen Lili used to attend the national singing competition. During the competition, they all take accompaniment tapes themselves and sing quite professionally. Although Chen Qide and Gao Yiqing these two boys don’t bring their accompaniment tapes, their singing is quite moving. Other activities like dancing jazz, singing Japanese songs and English songs, performing short plays are all quite good.

With the further preparation, their shows in the final are expecting.

Olympic knowledge needs to make up<

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