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Guangbo becomes 2008 Olympic franchising dealerranteed payd
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Recently, a piece of exciting good news came from Beijing Olympic Organization Committee. Guangbo becomes the Olympic franchising dealer. That means Guangbo strikes a solid step in the way of developing industry diversification and brand globalization.

2008 Olympic Games choose Beijing, China as the host city. It is a hundred year’s dream of China. This dream brings huge Olympic economic business opportunity for Chinese economy. Facing such attractive Olympic economic cake, enterprises must adopt effective strategy so as to adapt the situation, which is the best opportunity for Chinese enterprises walking to the world.

Guangbo becoming the franchising dealer of Olympic Games means that Guangbo will catch the flight of Olympic Games and go to global. Olympic franchising dealer refers to the enterprise approved by Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee, obtaining the related rights to design, produce and sale franchising goods according to the requirements of Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee. Franchising manufacturers provide franchising goods to Beijing Olympic Games Organizing Committee and franchising retailers. Guangbo is the first national paper stationery manufacturer to sign with Olympic Games Organizing Committee on self-design and development rights on the aspects of albums, paper bags, paper boxes, posters, card, etc. That means Guangbo have advantages on development, design and production and management scale. One of the advantages of participating Olympic franchising plan is that one can gain steady and abundant income in Olympic franchising goods market, although the income of franchising planning only accounts for a very small part of the total income of Olympic Games. In the declaring report of Beijing Olympic Games the budget of franchising goods dealing is 70 million dollars, while the ordinary franchising fee is 10% of the goods value on average. That is to say, it will create a huge market for Guangbo with millions of dollars.

Participating franchising plan not only brings abundant profits for Guangbo, but a huge leap for Guangbo in the culture transmission and brand strategy implement.

Favorable combination of Guangbo culture and Olympic culture

2008 Beijing Olympic Games puts forward the three concepts of Green Olympics, Hi-tech Olympics and Humanism Olympics. Guangbo realizes the perfect combination of these three concepts. Green Olympics puts environmental protection as the primary condition of Olympic facilities planning and construction, stressing environmental protection. Through technological innovation, Guangbo improves the past production way, saves energy and raw materials and blazes a development road on the theme of advocating green environmental protection. For instance, paper plates and paper towel of the company made by soybean oil, which is non-pollution and good for human health. Besides, printing paper products, album passed the inspection of national environmental system successively. Green environmental protection serial activity organized by company attracts the attention of related people in inner and outer company, which is fully shows Guangbo’s recognition on green environmental protection.

Hi-tech Olympics is the strong booster of the rapid development Chinese science and technology. It highlights the outstanding effect of science and technology in the aspects of speeding up social economic development and changing people’s living conditions. Guangbo develops from the initial printing industry to today’s scale, science and technology plays an important role. Changing from traditional stationery industry to high-tech industry, which is the objective put forward by Guangbo in making development strategy planning. So technology innovation becomes Guangbo’s first productive force. By depending on this strength, Guangbo gains many national patents in the areas like album, digital camera, etc. How to speed up the development of science and technology, lift technology innovation ability, enhance the technology content of products, improve the quality of the products, are directly related to the survival and development of our brand and enterprise. It is the ever-lasting theme of Guangbo’s continuously groping in the development road in future.

Humanism Olympics is the innovation concept of special value put forward by Beijing to the world. It is the core and spirit of the three catchwords, showing oriental culture especially Chinese civilization in exploring and development of Olympic spirit. Harmony of man and nature included in peace, harmony, love and beauty is the vivid supplement of competitive culture of Olympics higher, faster and stronger.

Guangbo’s core enterprise culture, that is, innovation, learning, honesty and mission is the extension of Olympic sprit, that is, peace, harmony, love and beauty. Innovation is the core of keeping rapid development. No innovation, no Guangbo. Innovation becomes the main cultural element of its management. Learning is the key of managing an enterprise. In defining the brand culture, Guangbo puts learning in the first place and reasonably explains the learning concept of valuing different kinds of opinions inside and widely making friends outside. Mission is the subject element of Guangbo spiritual culture. As a developing private enterprise, Guangbo undertakes certain social responsibility as the absolute mission. Brand is way for Guangbo to transfer its culture elements to the world. Hand in hand with Army Women Basketball, it’s not only a way for Guangbo to create brand construction, but a concrete manifestation of constructing

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