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Making stationery by using eatable inksranteed payday loan<
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“Children intelligent stationery produced by us is printed by eatable inks”, the person in charge of Guangbo research institute stationery research and development center tells the reporter. It is said that the first batch of “exoticize” children intelligent stationery goes off the production line and will meet the children soon. Its “exoticize” owe to print by using soybean inks, and it’s the first case in China.

Soybean inks printing adopts aromatic-free solvent with the advantage of good printing adaptation and transfer printing property; clean printing dot, bright color, high concentration, good gloss, better water adaptability and machine stability, eminent scratch-resistance and drying property, adapting to food health safety environmental protection need, very suitable to the application development of children products.

The organic pigments used in soybean inks don’t include the harmful metal elements like lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, barium, etc., greatly improving the health safety of inks. The development of children intelligent stationery uses soybean inks in replace of partial or all mineral oil of petroleum, furthest reducing the volatile organic compounds pollution on environment and the harm on children’s health.

It is said that soybean ink as a new type environmental protection printing material is mainly used in the food packing and application of paper plate, paper cup in some international market. Owing to the value of soybean ink is over 28% than traditional ink, it is rarely used in related products in China. Like Guangbo Group using this technology in intelligent products is the first case.

There’s no solid regulation on the development of intelligent stationery in China. Mainly producing high-end stationery, Guangbo Group pays more attention on the environmental protection on products. The application of soybean ink is not only very environmental to consumers, but no health harm to the employees. Owing to the contact objects of children intelligence stationery are preschool children, who have the habit of bitting, Guangbo notices this characteristic in developing and producing this kind of products. At present, although the cost of soybean ink printing is about 28% over ordinary ink, with people pays more attention to the health, such kind of environmental products have a sizable market potential in the market.

The person in charge of Guangbo stationery research and development center introduces: “The products printed by soybean ink have good scuffing property. Printed materials will not occur friction and color losing. When the printed materials by soybean ink printing abandoned, the recycled waste paper easy to lose ink, so can make good recycled paper.”


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