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Guangbo stationery explores Japanese market by Tokyo stationery exhibitionranteed
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Tokyo international stationery office articles exhibition ISOTis held in Tokyo Youming exhibition hall on July 6 as scheduled. Nearly thousand producing enterprises from Japan, China, Korea those over tem countries and regions in Asia attend it, as well as buyers from import and export trade enterprises, retailer enterprises and supermarkets all over the world.

Guangbo Group always creates Guangbo stationery brand through attending various stationery exhibition at home and abroad. This ISOT is the grand gathering of Asia stationery producers and buyers. Therefore, Guangbo Group takes eleven classic kinds of albums which are developed and designed in view of the Japanese market, as well as paper plate, paper cup and scratchpad.

The exhibition hall of Guangbo Group suited in Japanese hall, attracting countless Asian clients from Korea, China, Japan, etc. Meanwhile, it arouses the buyers’ strong interest on Guangbo products, who are from the European countries like France, England, Italy, etc. At present, NCC Company, KOKUYU Japan, Ltd has arranged employees to Guangbo inspect. This provides a good basis for Guangbo to develop and explore Japanese market.

The person in charge of Guangbo Group reveals: “Through this exhibition, we can make comparision with counterparts in Japan and know better and more of the market information. That is to say, it provides an opportunity for us to closely contact the unique culture of Japanese stationery market. Meanwhile, we will set full time designing developers according to the special need of Japanese market in future, to ensure Guangbo products to accurately grasp the prevalence of Japanese stationery market.”

It was reported that the number of Guangbo products exported to Japan was not so large at present, mainly entering Japanese department store and supermarket. Guangbo Group shows it will further explore the potential of Japanese market by developing high-end, high-taste and high-quality products and inspecting agency companies in Japanese market.


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