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Shou Yongnian, secretary of Yinzhou district committee, inspects Guangbo-International Trade Centerr
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On the early morning of September 25, a group of special guests go to the building site of Guangbo-International Trade Center. Shou Yongnian, secretary of Yinzhou district, visits the construction site personally and carefully inquires the project progress, development planning in future, etc.

Guangbo-International Trade Center is another work after Guangbo-Sunlight Garden by Guangbo Construction and Development Co, Ltd. with quality corresponds to international one, and will become the headquarter base of well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad. Suited in the center of Ningbo northern part, Guangbo-International Trade Center is a new housing collecting zone, full of high-grade building with the developed area of multimillion squares. The area of every floor is 1200 square, using large area of space cutting, so as to avoid the entry of some small enterprises and form the unified brand enterprise working atmosphere. With the height of 3.6 meter of its storey, it is one of the highest office buildings of the storey height of Ningbo office building market.


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