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Cooperative combat can obtain efficiencyranteed payday loan
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“Quick, speed up, they have outscored us several packets…” “Take easy, keep rhythm…” with cadent sound, the 8th “Guangbo Cup” operation skill contest general projects curtains up.

In order to enhance the company’s efficiency, strengthen employees’ enthusiasm, choose technique master hand and young pacer from the first line employees. Operation skill contest has two parts, self-defined one and total one. Self-defined part is an improvement according to the practice. Every sub plant chooses relatively common and important procedures as the contest items, which is jointly participated by employees of every workshop.

Easy efficiency

On September 6, 10:00  place: industry second subplant    item: pencil-sharpener device assembling (self-defined item)

Seeing the products transferred to the belt, employees of every procedure speed up. Some quick employees sometimes look at the previous procedure or urge others. The pencil-sharpener device assembling match is carried out under such stressful atmosphere, and draws the curtain of self-defined item match as well. The contestants of group one are fastening scheduling with every procedure in an order. While contestants of group two who are beside them do the preparation work or quietly discuss something. Time seems to be especially slow. Some contestants’ foreheads have some sweat and they close their mouths, doing the things quickly.

The match field is so quiet that it makes one surprising. Maybe contestants of every group show courage quietly and then compete with others. Twenty pencil-sharpener devices has finished assembling finally. By quality inspectors’ careful inspection, the score of group one is 10 minutes and 9 seconds. Then contestants of group two and group three also successfully finish the quantity of pencil-sharpener devices according to the regulation of the match. Contestants of group three win in this item, with the score of 8 minutes and 49 seconds.

Let coils follow us

On September 8, 10:00  place: plastic rubber subplant viscose workshop   item: put through plastic single coils (self-defined item)

Walking into viscose workshop, you can see that employees are busy as usual. However, the orderly workshop leaves out a space. Some ordinary desks are put together with several viscose album inner pages on them. The plastic coils are unorganizedly put there, which cover 2/3 of the desk.

Before the competition, contestants are doing the preparation work with passion. Eight contestants are adjusting the position of the products according to their usual working habit. The supervisor stands aside and announces the match regulation in high voice.

The competition begins with the order of the supervisor. Some contestants first count the inner pages of every book, then put through the coils. While some contestants put through one book after counting one. Contestants all show their strength with different approaches. The common coils in their hands seem to be especially obedient. They quickly put one end of the coil into the first hole, then to the rest. We all admire their utility. When the competition finishes, two contestants gain the same score. So they have to have another match, after their furious competition, Xiong Dingrong from viscose workshop gains the first place.

Besides, items like covering with OPP bags from printing subplant, folding-page, covering with OPP bags from industry first subplant, putting through coils from stationery subplant, etc. rounded off.

Cooperation makes achievement

Total items

On September 11, it begins the competition of total item group. In the stationery subplant, it is

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