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Guangbo Olympic strategy speeds upranteed payday loan
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“Starting from the three principles on 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, we design these Olympic paper products stationery, centering on the theme of environmental protection, green and humanity. Except the Chinese seal LOGO and Olympic Five Friendliness on the cover and inner pages, we focus on the environmental aspects of the Olympic products, choosing soybean ink and inacidity environmental paper as environmental materials.” On September 29, Guangbo Group invites over 200 elites on stationery dealing, showing its 40 types new products for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Olympic Games present an exquisite sports and culture feast to the people all over the world. As the chief unit of paper products committee of Chinese stationery association, facing the huge market cake in the aspect of paper products in Olympic Games, Guangbo fully exerts its unique advantage in the aspect of paper products stationery, showing itself out of over 3000 competitive enterprises, and becomes the first national paper products stationery dealer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

It is said that at present Guangbo Group has designed and developed about 70 types Olympic paper stationery. Audited by Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, it has basically passed the examination. Meanwhile, the person in charge of the marker development of Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee shows that the Olympic paper stationery designed and developed by Guangbo is most professional. Noticeably, Guangbo relies on innovation ability and first-class technology in the aspect of printing, wins the printing making rights of the Beijing Olympic Games tickets.

In recent years, influenced by some countries’ harsh trade barrier and appreciation of RMB, relying on Olympic economy, Guangbo adjusts strategic structure and develop the new space of Olympic economy.

According to the specific market investigation, last year the consumption of domestic stationery is about 300 billion yuan, about 20% belongs to paper stationery. Besides, this market is still expanding by 15% per year. Participating in Olympic economy is the integrated point for us to explore domestic market. How to combine Guangbo brand closely with Olympic brand, promoting Guangbo’ sales volume in these years or later ten years, lifting Guangbo’s domestic popularity, enhancing its economic efficiency, which are the ultimate objects we’re pursuing. By joining Beijing Olympic franchising plan, we believe Guangbo will bring abundant profits, even is a huge leap in the implement of culture transmission and brand strategy. We predict, after 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Guangbo’s sales volume will reach 2 billion yuan in domestic market, more than overseas volume.” President Wang Liping says.

It is said that this new products conference will not only attract some fixed old clients, but about hundred stationery dealers come here from every parts of the country. They all have a mind to have strategic cooperation with Guangbo, in order to achieve win-win of both sides.


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