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Guangbo brand engineering is fruitfulranteed payday loan
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At present, national business administration announces the list of 106 Chinese well-known trademark cognized at later half year of 2006. “Guangbo” trademark is among them. It is the 11th Chinese well-known trademark obtained by administration litigation by Ningbo City. Till now Ningbo’s well-known trademark reaches nineteen.

For a long time, Guangbo Group is always devoting to brand and technological development. Since the starting of “brand engineering” and “innovation engineering”, Guangbo Group has had many happy things, obtaining “the first national paper products stationery dealer for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games”, “Chinese stationery top 10”, “key supporting and developing brand export commodities”, “Chinese most popular stationery brand”.

According to provisional regulations on well-known trademark cognizance and management issued by national business administration. Well-known trademark refers to the registered trademark having relatively high reputation and familiar to the public, that is, having comparatively large scale and sales volume, high market occupancy rate, wide range of product sales, as well as long time using of the trademark, good quality, enterprise popularity and enterprise credit affirmed by the public. Guangbo Group depends on strong producing ability, excellent product superiority, wide and unobstructed sales network, enjoying a high popularity in the heart of the consumers, winning Chinese well-known gains public approval.

Referring to the feelings, President Wang Liping can’t hold his excited feeling. He says, “Current glory has closely related to the self-owned brand and brand development road insisted by Guangbo Group. After registering “Guangbo” brand in 1994, we not only put it into use on our leading stationery products, but extend to six series of about 3000 types products. By attending various exhibitions, entering large scale international and domestic business network and retail supermarkets, entering all big and medium city in China except Tibet, Guangbo stationery has reached the national professional stationery market entering rate over 90%.

What’s more, Guangbo actively cultivates global market influence of Guangbo brand. Register Guangbo trademark over 30 countries and regions in the world, establish 3 marketing company in the U.S., HongKong and United Arab Emirates, establish 20 general agency and authorized franchisees in Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East, etc., have a steady cooperation with the global stationery suppliers like world top 500 STAPLE, Disney, etc. Through reducing its own price by 3-5%, Guangbo will export its stationery products to over 70 countries and regions in the world, with the sales value of about 80 million. Guangbo self-owned brand reaches over 35%.

Inherit culture, create value. Putting the disseminator and professional manufacturer of culture industry as the enterprise’s development trend, Guangbo actively lifts the golden content of Guangbo brand through innovation engineering. As the standard maker and reviser of paper stationery, as the subject committee unit of national volume industry standardization, Guangbo realizes industry upgrade through technology innovation and management innovation. Get rid of the inherent restriction of labor-intensive industry, and by industry transformation, develop industries like digital electron, nanometer material and finance investment.

President Wang Liping introduces, with the rising of Guangbo popularity, there’re many enterprises counterfeit Guangbo brand in all parts of the country, even in Gansu, Yunan and Guangxi those remote areas, no less than 110 enterprises as we know. Some enterprises cite our enterprise’s “wide world, broad feelings” in the flash of the web site. In a remote county in Hubei, even appears Guangbo stationery city, etc. as Guangbo mainly in high and mid grade in stationery industry, those products are rough or poor, binging certain loss to our clients and dealers. Relying on Chinese well-known trademark, Guangbo will assist commerce department to carry out “strike fake and maintain rights” activity, planning to carry out half-year’s brand publicity in 30 big and middle cities in China.

Now Guangbo Group is working on brand strategy system engineering. By Army Guangbo Women Basketball, declaring Chinese famous brand, Guangbo will create its brand into the disseminator and special manufacturer of culture industry.

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