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Guangbo Group wins taxation special contribution awardranteed
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Guangbo Group wins taxation special contribution award in Yinzhou District. On January 26, President Wang Liping represents Guangbo Group attending commendation conference of financial revenue over 10 billion in Yinzhou District, and he accepts commendation from leaders of district.

“A qualified enterprise must know how to make use of wealth to create social values, giving more concern to livelihood, developing public welfare, paying taxation according to chapter. All of these are the manifestation of enterprise respecting wealth and rational utilization of wealth.” President Wang Liping shows while having the interview, “The development of enterprise is closely to its own responsibility. Those enterprises which well perform social responsibility can ensure long-term healthy development. Such enterprises must be rapid developing enterprise. Guangbo Group not only makes breakthrough in sales performance, but to be the most innovative and respectable enterprise, which the true value that Guangbo pursues.”

Since it started to develop,Guangbo Group has put credibility taxpaying as the steady regulation for the enterprise’ long-term and healthy development. The company consistently carries forward the spirit of credibility taxpaying, actively paying the tax. Therefore, Guangbo successively gains taxation advanced unit, Ningbo taxation top 50. So it again receives commendation for credibility taxpaying, which is strongly testifying the process of Guangbo’s healthy development is the process of feedback to the society, making some contribution in creating harmonious society.


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