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Guangbo Group holds “three proof” works special conferenceranteed
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The recent several months saw high temperature, and was also the critical period of accidents . In order to do well in protection work, on July 9, Guangbo Group held “three proof” conference, that is, fireproof, operation injury proof and flood proof special conference.

In the conference, leaders of company emphasized the safety in production. In view of the high temperature, leaders of all department should do well in the safety work, implementing the safety in production put forward by the headquarters of the group and enhancing defending awareness. Doing well in the following jobs in specific:

At first, enhancing fireproof awareness. Prevent electric wire overloading, retrogradation, overload operation. Prohibit drawing electric wire privately. No smoking in workshop, warehouse these key areas. Experience of dealing with inflammables and explosives. Put the extinguisher in the given place.

Then avoid the happening of work accidents. Special type of workers should hold certificate to mount guard. Equipment operation execute according to regulations. Electrician should wear insulated shoes.

At last, reducing the loss brought by the natural disasters. Regular check on the warehouse, whether having leakage. Do well in waterproof of the goods on the open pit. All the goods on the lowland should be placed on the horizon shelf. Close the doors and windows of the workshop timely. Don’t put the materials with the electrical case and electrical circuitry equipment, keeping a certain distance from the window.

It is said that after holding “three proof” conference on July 9, on the morning of next day, Guangbo invites professionals of safe production training to train every workshop, and formerly starts the safety production work. Later, Guangbo Group will plan to develop fire drill, special types of post training, pre-training of new employees, etc.


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